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Mar 8, 2012 02:22 PM

Bulk spices

Does anyone know where to get fresh spices in bulk or in larger quantities. I want to make a batch of dry spice rub and do not want to buy the tiny expensive supermarket jars.

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  1. Penzy's in Scottsdale could probably accomodate you.

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      Penzeys would be my choice as well, but there's no longer a store in Scottsdale. Instead, Penzeys now has two local stores: one at Tatum & Shea in northeast Phoenix and the other at Tempe Marketplace.

    2. Sprouts markets carry a decent selection of bulk spices. For most of the rubs and brine mixes I make, almost all of the ingredients can be found there. I usually hit Ranch Market (or Phoenix Farms @ 19th Ave/Osborn) for large bags of dried chiles, as the prices and selections there tend to be better.

      Baiz Market can be a good source for buying large packages of Middle Eastern and Indian spices that you might not find at Sprouts, but as of my most recent visit, they didn't have any self-serve bulk bins.

      For hard to find items (e.g., Aleppo pepper, Szechuan peppercorns) Penzeys is your best bet, but as with Baiz, there's no bulk option.

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        A new source for bulk spices (also bulk grains and flours) is Winco Foods. They have just opened two big stores on Bell, one at 5850 W Bell and the other at 330 W. Bell.They carry a lot of mass-produced commercial prepared foods that don't interest us, but the bulk supplies are priced quite a bit below the nearby Sprouts.

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          I get all of my spices at Mt. Hope in Cottonwood. The quality and selection is always good and they're nice to deal with. Their wholesale section is open Monday through Friday and I believe that you can mail order from their website. They are also the best source of dried chills that I've found north of Guadalajara!

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