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Good Food in or around Tifton , Georgia

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Hi there. Does anyone have any good suggestions for good, fresh, NON Chain restaurants in or around Tifton, GA. It seems to be alot of Chains.

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  1. 3 Graces at the Langford Manor, beautiful building, great food. Mi Lady bakery and a place downtown called Giggles Cafe for sandwiches/salads (Giggles makes really good pimento cheese). Charles Seafood for good fried seafood (very very very casual, I mean paper plates style casual). I live in Minneapolis but am from Tifton and these places are where I eat when I'm home. Hope that helps.

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      That does help! Thanks so much! I think we are going to try Giggles. My family all still lives in Tifton but we always seem to end up at the Craker Barrel (which I do like the carmel mug sundae...) but I just wanted to try some great local places.

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        Ha, the Cracker Barrel, been there plenty of times too. There are also a few decent Mexican places but I don't know the names. I personally like Pit Stop for BBQ and Wishbone for general "southern food." But I usually just do take out from both.

    2. Pit Stop BBQ @ 1112 8th St. W., Tifton, GA 229 - 387 - 0888.

      1. Too late now, probably, but next time try the Coconut Asian bistro--fantastic Asian food. Wife and I were there last october and loved it. Big menu.