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Mar 8, 2012 01:49 PM

Which Restaurants do you consider your "Regulars"?

I know all of us have our favorite places to eat in the city, but speaking from personal experience many of those are either not convenient or too spendy to visit on a regular basis. So which places do you visit on a regular basis?

Personally I live in Kendall, so over the past few months I have eaten regularly at:

- Abigail's
- Mulan
- Snack Bar
- Craigie on Main
- Tamarind Bay
- Emma's
- Helmand
- Area Four
- Portugalia
- Stop for a Latte at least twice a week at Voltage
- Camie's

I work in the Longwood/Brookline Village Area:

- Cutty's
- Flames
- Penguin Pizza
- Brookline Family
- Kookoo
- Michael's Deli
- Rami's
- Sichuan Garden
- The Mission

Outside of my Work/Live areas:

- Island Creek Oyster (Usually on my way home from work)
- Toro (Seem to always take visiting folks here)

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  1. I may not be a regular, but I live in Coolidge Corner and often go to:

    1. Audubon Circle
    2. Zenna Noodle
    3. Dok Bua
    4. The Abbey
    5. Washington Square Tavern
    6. Dorado's
    7. Cognac Bistro's Oyster Bar and Bar Menu
    8. The Citizen
    8. Eastern Standard
    9. Cafe Fixe

    South End

    1. Myers and Chang
    2. Gallows


    1. Liking JM Curly's

    Cambridge...Oh how I love thee Cambridge:

    1. Green Street
    2. Brick and Mortar (As of late)
    3. Abigails
    4. Area Four
    5. East Coast Grille for Brunch
    6. Trina's
    7. East by Northeast

    1. What do you like at Portugalia? I haven't heard much mention of it before

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      1. re: Dave MP

        All of the Salt Cod Dishes are very good, their specials board is also something I check out some items from regularly. Alot of the time I just have a Prego no Pão and a Sagres at the bar as well.

      2. Deep Ellum
        Eastern Standard
        Island Creek Oyster Bar
        Hong Kong Eatery
        Taiwan Cafe
        Peach Farm

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          Mr. Swank and I are finally coming to have regulars after years without any. We lived in DC with a full roster of favorite haunts. Here, for some reason, it's tougher.
          We live on the Cambridge/Arlington line. We frequent Qingdao Garden (Cambridge), Golden Garden (Belmont), La Posada (Arlington), Sabzi (Arlington), Za (Arlington), and Guru (Somerville) with some regularity. We also like Tu Y Yo and Hei Lei Moon, but we don't visit either nearly as much as we'd like. Strip T's is another sometime favorite. Classic Cafe in Arlington is a trusted brunch spot, when we're feeling spry.

          Would love to find a few well-priced regular spots, but so far we've only savored one- or two-offs as a couple. Enjoyed many, but few are places we frequent on the regular.

          1. re: Swankalicious

            Swank, do you go to Cafe Barada? when i lived in the area, and it was in Arlington at the time, but now in Cambridge, we used to love it, if you like MidEastern food..

        2. Highland Kitchen
          Rod Dee
          Three Little Figs
          Iggy's outlet

          1. We live in Kendall as well, so my list is quite similar to Matt H.

            Cambridge Brewing Company
            Area Four

            Once every couple weeks:
            Blue Room

            Once a month or so:
            Brick and Mortar
            All Star Sandwich Bar
            Mary Chung's