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Mar 8, 2012 12:57 PM

New posts aren't marked anymore

About a week ago, I stopped being able to see new posts flagged on the Greater Boston board. I can see new posts fine on my iPod Touch using the Safari browser, but when I use Firefox on my desktop PC, everything looks the way it would appear if I wasn't logged in - except I am logged in. Any suggestions?

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  1. To verify, only the one board is affected?

    Also, to rule out one possibility, could you please log out on your desktop, then log back in again?

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    1. re: Engineering

      It happens on all boards; it's just that I usually only look at that boston board.

      Just now it also happened on the iPod touch for the first time. My name shows up in the corner but the site doesn't flag the new posts. Oddly, I am able to view all the posts I ever responded to by clicking on my name, so it's almost like I'm partially logged in. When I tried to reply to this post, I kept getting an error message.

      On the mobile site, there is no logout button so I had to go to create a new post, at which point I was asked to log in even though my name had been showing up as though I was logged in

      Once I re-logged in, the new posts showed up as flagged and I was able to reply to this thread. So the error appears to be more that the site has somehow only partially logged me in (I can view my posts but not see new posts flagged).

      I will try logging out from the desktop computer later today, but it likely won't be until late at night.

      1. re: Engineering

        I am also seeing this problem - and I have logged out and back. For long threads that I have just visited, all posts are open. This makes following Chowhound really difficult. It is an extremely serious problem.

        I am also seeing lots of flakiness in links. For example, it took me 3 tries to get this reply dialog. The first several times it gave me my profile rather than the reply box!

        I am running Mac OSX 10.7 latest release and latest release of Safari -- well the latest until today, but now I see a new Safari upgrade. I will try that and report back only if it fixes this problem

        EDIT: New Safari does not fix problem. For example, this thread, which I just posted to and had read, opened with all posts visible.

        1. re: Thomas Nash

          Once you've read all the posts on a thread, the next time you visit it, it should show up with all posts visible, until a new post is made that you have not read. In that case, the thread should appear with all posts collapsed except for the new post(s). For example, as you are reading this right now, do you see only this post expanded? Or all posts?

          After you read this post and then reload the page, the page will show all posts expanded. If that's what you are seeing, the page is working as designed.

          However, if you are seeing this post for the first time and all the other posts are ALSO expanded, then it's not working as expected.

          If you tried to load this thread and the page hung or otherwise stalled out, and you had to reload it, that will often cause the page to be marked as visited, even if you haven't read any of the new posts.

          1. re: Thomas Nash

            You've also described another issue related to the "reply" links after you first log in. We're aware of the problem and hope to address it in the near future - see for details and a work-around.

        2. This happened to me for the first time. Also, my boards weren't listed on the top of the page. I seemed to be logged in, as my named appeared in the upper right, instead of "log in." Reloading the page did no help. But I wasn't actually logged in. When I tried to post, it asked me to log in. Once I did, it all went back to normal.