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Mar 8, 2012 12:49 PM

Help! Planning a Sunday Communion Luncheon for 50 people need recs.

Hi! We are planning a Communion luncheon for about 50 people. I need some recommendations. I open to all ethnic and American places. It doesn't have to be a private room.


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  1. City or suburbs? Per plate budget?

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    1. re: RileyCat

      In the city. I would like it to be reasonable. There will be adults and kids.

      1. re: galkwo

        Please say more about what "reasonable" means to you. It's kind of a relative term.

        1. re: chicgail

          less then $30 pp without drinks.

    2. The quick and easy answer is Reza's. They can accommodate that size group as well as your budget. Not the most imaginative fare but accessible to all (stodgy seniors and fussy kids included):

      Andersonville and River North are best bets, location-wise.

      My first instinct was "Chinatown" but Sunday lunch can be problematic for 50.

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      1. re: ferret

        I think Maggianos does a lot of those kinds of events. They have private rooms for their banquet dinners which are served family style and should come in at around your price point.

      2. I had my bridal shower at Blackie's in the South Loop. They did a terrific job and were priced well. I highly recommend!