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Mar 8, 2012 12:17 PM

Anyone Been to Post & Beam in Baldwin Hills?

Has anyone made it to Post & Beam in Baldwin Hills? The restaurant opened about a month ago and is a newly constructed free standing building at the backside of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yes. We went last Saturday. It's adjacent to a mall in Baldwin Hills. Not the best ambience. The restaurant is small, with a patio, where we were seated. The service, initially, was eager and attentive (although the service ultimately ended up upsetting me and reducing the average experience to below average. ) We ordered the focaccia with ricotta, ribs appetizer, short rib penne, the black eyed peas side dish and the sausage pizza. All of the food was fine but not memorable or noteworthy. The focaccia with ricotta was nothing special. The ricotta was housemade but not amazing. The ribs had no sauce and the flavor was smoky but it was missing something to lift the flavor and make it something you would want to eat again. The peas were good but not great. The pizza was enjoyable (the sausage was tasty) but the sauce, crust and cheese were extremely ordinary (the cheese blend looked right out of a Ralph's shredded cheese mix). The flavor of the short rib pasta was the best of the evening BUT we were dining with our two toddlers, for whom we ordered that dish to feed them the braised, tender meat and in my first two bites, I had small, but sharp bones. It ruined the dish for its purpose (I certainly couldn't feed it to the kids) and even I was a bit put off by it. The worst part, and it rather irked me, was that when we let the server know she had two different people come to the table to find out what "happened." We explained both times that there were two sharp bones in the dish (even producing the bones) and that we had ordered it for the kids and couldn't give it to them (although, I've eaten a lot of rustic "bolognese" dishes and/or braised shortribs, and never encountered small bones, so kids aside, I found it unpleasant) and they apologized and then proceeded to do nothing about it. They did not replace the dish (which we stopped eating after the first two bites thinking that they would do something), nor comp a dessert, drink, nothing. In fact, they never came back to the table, except to give us the sausage pizza, which was brought out about 40 minutes after all of the other food (like dessert.) We assumed they had forgotten about the bone incident and we were not in the mood to insist that something be done (since we had already discussed it with the 2 people who had come by about it earlier) and once we realized nothing would be done, my husband and I ate it cold -- after it sat there for a long time waiting for them to do something. So for $75 (no liquor, no entrees ordered) for about a 30 minute meal (that's the kids' fault) where the the $14 pasta appetizer failed to accomplish it's intended purpose (feed the kids) I thought the overall experience was below average. The bad service was irritating, especially when we left and the host apologized for the bones in the pasta again (they had not forgotten) but again offered to do nothing about it. Just for the record, I believe that where a restaurant has made a mistake, that they should do something to fix it or at least make the patron feel like they didn't just pay full price for something that didn't turn out right. It's not about getting a freebie but about the principle (or lack thereof) of a restaurant being willing to accept my full payment for something that didn't come out as it should have.
    Aside from my service complaints (which I am not above ignoring if the food warrants it) the food was fine but nothing special and for me, not worth the final bill tally or odd location. I will not be returning.