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Mar 8, 2012 12:10 PM

Rind on Bacon

As a child my grandmother in Norfolk, Va used to give me what she called "wide bacon". It wasn't until after her death a few years ago, that I realized I was in love with rind on bacon, sometimes known as skin on bacon. I haven't had this in over 10 years!! Does anyone have any idea of where in Baltimore I would be able to get some?

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  1. Your best bet may be farmer's markets. The bacon I've bought at Waverly has had the rind on (I don't remember the vendor as I dislike rind-on bacon and haven't bought it again as a result). Truck Patch at the JFX market (not back til April) sells approximately one-pound blocks of slab bacon. You'd have to slice it yourself (or order it as such), but it comes with the rind on. Also, JW Treuth out in Oella sells sides of bacon in their refrigerator case with the rind on. You have to buy the whole thing (somewhere between $3-4/lb), but they'll slice and wrap it for you if you'd like.

    Can't recall that I've seen it elsewhere but have never really made a point to look.

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      Thank you soooo much!! I'm going to go looking for it at JW Treuth this weekend!!! You know when you just have a hankering for your childhood and there is no place you can think of that would have what you need?? All I've wanted for months was biscuits with molasses and "wide" bacon.

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        sounds like something somebody at the Lexington or Cross Market would have, I mean since you can get it at DC's Eastern, and that's a fraction in size of those places.

    2. If you're going to be huting around the farmers markets you mightjust want to come down to DC and hit up Eastern Market on Capitol Hill.

      As "hill food" points out it is always on hand Canales's Deli always has it and I'm pretty sure Union Meats always has it in their case as well.

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        to add - Canales minimum 1/4 lb. Union minimum 1/2 pound. both good. usu the same price. my choice boils down to 'what else am I buying so to minimize wait time?'