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Mar 8, 2012 12:01 PM

Restaurants for near Perpignan and in Northern Rhone

We are doing a weeklong roadtrip through southern France. Have some good dining things set for the middle (Pezenas and Uzes areas), but not sure where to eat at the beginning and end.

First, we are staying two nights outside of Perpignan (either in Prades or Ortaffa) - so looking for some good places to eat near there. Also for lunch when we drive around Collieure/Banyuls. Lunch suggestions near Peyrepteuse and on the drive up the coast towards the Haut Languedoc also welcome.

Our last night we are staying in Ampuis before flying out of Lyon. In theory I guess we could drive into Lyon for dinner, but the whole point of staying in Ampuis was to avoid dealing with city traffic and parking! There seems to be one small restaurant in Ampuis, and the expensive restaurant at the Beau Rivage in Condrieu, but haven't found much else reasonable. Has anyone been to the cheaper restaurant at La Pyramide in Vienne?

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  1. Have you searched and already read this road trip bible of a thread?

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      Yes. That's how I found places for Pezenas and Uzes areas.

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          The point is that I'm looking for places near Perpignan and near Ampuis, neither of which were covered in that thread.

    2. For Collioure, the best restaurant in the area is La Cote Vermeille on the harbour in Port-Vendres - it's one of the best fish restuarants on the Mediterrean coast of France. It's small and in demand, so booking is advised.

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        "La Cote Vermeille"
        Am sooooo going there in June.

      2. "Lunch suggestions near Peyrepteuse and on the drive up the coast towards the Haut Languedoc also welcome".

        I'm not sure how far towards/into the mountains you are thinking of going, but most of my suggestions for the area from the coast to the Haut Languedoc are in this thread:

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          Re the suggestion of "5ème péché" -- we enjoyed dinner there in late Sept 2010. Reservations are needed. -- Jake

        2. In collioure I would definitely recommend Le 5ème péché, a small restaurant run by a Japanese chef who worked with the best chefs in Japan and in France (including Michel Bras). Fresh local food, lot of fish, and not expensive at all (especially at lunch 20 or 30€ for a meal you won't forget). It's located in the heights of the village, be sure to book in advance. As for the Corbieres area, you have La Maison du terroir at Maury or Chateau de Jau near Estagel. The Agly valley has lots of great wines to offer, I would advise to look for opportunities to taste directly at the winery (can be dangerous if you have to drive to the Rhone afterwards)

          1. In January of this year I went with some friends to the Marche aux Vins de Cote Rotie. We were planning to eat at both of these restaruants, but since someone was ill, we had to skip the first, but not because we thought it would be less good.

            Bistro de Serine
            16 BLvd Allees, Ampuis
            +33 4 74 48 65 10
            Wine bar, restaurant and wine shop, focusing on the wines of the Northern Rhone. Seems that Pierre Gaillard, Yves Cuilleron, Jean-Michel Gerin and François Villard own the bistrot. Supposed to be excellent food; can't wait to go back up to the northern Rhone.

            Auberge de la Source
            69420 Tupin-Semons
            +33 4 74 59 54 03
            Went there for lunch during the wine show. It was packed with people from the show, so I am not sure that was representative of the cusine. It is good, but not memorable. However the setting truly is memorable, as is the drive to get to the restaurant. You climb steep roads through the vineyards, usually with no guardrails. Best to try the drive first during the day!

            I know some excellent places in Tain l'Hermitage if that is of interest.

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              Hi sderham,
              Please do share the spots in Tain l'Hermitage.
              We're heading over in a couple weeks and would like to know your suggestions.