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Mar 8, 2012 11:43 AM

Olivier Potier - New amazing pastry shop and bakery

Just tried this new place downtown and wow... I think I found one of my new favorite spot in the city AND a reason to go in this neighbourhood.

The place is beautifully decorated, parisian-style new pâtisserie I'd say. Pastries are high-end, presentation and taste wise. Just had the Paris-Brest, which is one of my favourite pâtisserie, and it was absolutely delicious. I also bought a beautiful éclair au chocolat which I will try later tonight.

Was kinda disappointed at first to see that the bread was not made by them, but it's from Le pain dans les voiles (St-Hilaire), so it's cool to have access to this GREAT bread in Montréal. They have these giant loafs of le pain du peuple which you can cut and buy by weight. Delicious caramelized crust for a unique bread. This bakery could teach cooking lessons to a lot of bakeries in Montréal that likes their bread white and soft. Also, it's probably because it's the opening week, but you can taste most of the bread.

I think they also had sandwich, soup and salad in the back but I didn't needed that (because bread+Paris Brest is already a perfect lunch) so I didn't take a look.

Will go back soon for sure.

Olivier Potier
1490 Sherbrooke Ouest

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  1. Just found some pictures here for those interested

    I love this wall of breads.

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      Oh my gosh. This will give me extra incentive to go get my coffee at Myriade and stop for something delicious on the way there or back ^_^

    2. Their stuff is made on site ? or just trucked in from an offsite kitchen ?

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        The blog Glaff links to says pastries are made on site and that there is a partnership with L'Auberge St Gabriel to provide savoury food (presumably trucked in, I guess?)

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          Yep all pastries are made by Olivier Potier (who was pastry chef at Sofitel before that). I didn't ask about croissants and the other baked goods, but like the other article says, they're testing their cannelés and madeleines right now, so I think most baked goods will be made there too.

      2. Oh my, does that ever look good. Thanks for the heads-up.

        They also have a site:

        1. I went a couple of days ago and thought it fit in nicely with neighbourhood, high priced though. There were no prices listed on pastries (individual ones, I dont recall seeing cakes or pies) and the small caré doré enrobed in dark chocolate (golden square) I chose came to $6.78 with taxes. It was rich though with different kinds of chocolate texture then a delicious runny caramel inside. When I went at end of afternoon there were various labels of pastries but little left so if you want to see the full assortment go early. I dont see buying pastries for many as bill would be quite expensive but to have one or two or share it is a real treat, quality excellent. There is some kind of laboratoire at back after

          the little cafe area . Is it my favourite, I dont know in view of prices, I still like the little neighbourhood ones, had a so fresh maple roulé today at mamie clafoutis. I did see the cut bread on table and wondered what that was about so thanks for info. Here is the name on the bill : Olivier Potier Artisan en Gourmandises (438-381-611). I think it is a good recommendation for tourists on board as so central, near Museum of FIne Arts, and I like the Parisian style of the place. I won`t forget the taste of that little square, nor the price!

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            They had cakes today, but not a lot. Guess they will adjust in time with the demand.

            Yeah it's true that about the price, forgot to mention (well actually I didn't even look). But for the quality it's ok with me. It's mainly because of the location I think though...

          2. thanks for pics, it looks like I had the gourmet snicker bar in a square, and I do like snickers so that turned out well! Cant wait to try his version of lemon pie.....

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              I'll try this one next time, it looks really good.

              By the way the éclair was awesome!