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Mar 8, 2012 11:32 AM

Purchasing half a pig (butchered and frozen)

Hello Hounds -

I'm looking to fill a freezer with a lot of delicious pork. I've lived in Chicago for the past few years, and every winter I've purchased half of a sustainably-raised pig, butchered to my specifications, and sealed in cryovac. This has been just about the best investment that I could imagine (much better than what I sunk into a house...). I'm moving to the Boston area, and I'm again looking for half a pig, ideally a great tasting breed (e.g. Berkshire, or similar) raised sustainably (without antibiotics, under humane conditions, etc.). I've searched this board, and I apologize if there has been a recent similar discussion, but I just can't find any info on this. I see that Chestnut Farms has a highly-regarded meat CSA, but I'm looking to buy the whole half-pig all at once, instead of receiving distributions monthly, and Chestnut doesn't do this. Can someone please recommend a source? I'm also in the market for chickens with which to stock my freezer, so recommendations for that would also be welcome.

Many thanks!

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  1. Welcome.

    I like Blood Farm in W. Groton, MA (978) 448-6669 for pork and lamb.

    Pete and Jen's Backyard Bird's in Concord, MA for the chickens. They also do pigs but I haven't got any from them yet.

    Both are nice family run operations.

    1. I still have half of a pig's head in my freezer from my last half-pig. I got mine at Brambly Farms, and even though frozen, it's some of the best pork I've ever had. You can request different cuts with a fair amount of specificity. I think they are still taking orders for whole and half pigs:

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        I also love Brambly Farms. Sandra even delivered the 1/2 pig to me at my house. It is delicious pork, for sure.

        I get their pork, eggs & turkeys.

        If you like, you can get a little sampler pack to make sure you are happy with the quality. I have been getting their pork for the last few years & won't go back to buying from the grocery.

        1. re: tall sarah

          Thanks for the recs for Brambly Farms -- they look to be just the ticket for me. I'm trying to get in touch with them for my new half pig!

      2. Try A. Arena & Sons, Hopkinton. You will need to give them some notice and they will get whatever you want.