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Mar 8, 2012 11:27 AM

My Wife's Great Portland Meal Before Flying Back to Little Old New York

My wife prefers quiet with her quality dinner when she's at a restaurant without me.

(When we're together, we definitely prefer to hear >each other< to hearing everyone else.)

She doesn't know Portland at all. She'll be flying back east on a Friday night.

Of the following, which provides the best meal and an uncomplicated trip from it to the airport?

Le Pigeon
Navarre . . .

. . . or have I missed something better from having read only recent posts? (Write-in candidates welcome!)

Thanks for all thoughtful replies.

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  1. Car or no car? Or cab? Or Lightrail to airport?

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    1. re: MyNextMeal

      My wife will be flying to Portland and using public transportation while there. (She doesn't drive, anyway.)

      For this last, special meal -- the others will be brief and possibly tedious affairs, in and around her hotel -- she is prepared to take a cab. If necessary, she would take one from the hotel and, after the meal, to the airport.

      Thanks for your interest. My wife is a good person, honest -- and she deserves one good meal.

    2. Aviary !!!
      The chestnut soup...the steurgeon....dreaming about it!!!
      the food is so satifying, and the combinations of flavor are inspiring. they are little plates, but very rich.
      Also, anyplace on the eastside is an easy trip to the airport...

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      1. re: cheeseisheaven

        Aviary's crispy pig ear with coconut rice is the thing that haunts me...YUM! That tempura pumpin is killer, too.

        And their small wine list is very well chosen, lots of really nice things by the glass as well as by the bottle.

        Short trip to the airport from there's a good pick.

        I haven't been to DOC, but I have heard great things, it probably would be a good pick too.

        1. re: JillO

          We love Le Pigeon (and Little Bird Bistro.) Single diners like to sit at the bar and watch the chef cook. The Beef Bourguignon there is the best I've ever found anywhere. The Foie Gras profiteroles are also pretty amazing. :)