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Mar 8, 2012 11:26 AM

question about De Buyer pan for omelet

If I am looking for a De Buyer pan for making 2 or 3 egg omelets, what would you recommend? I rarely make crepes. I make mostly omelets. I am thinking of buying a pan dedicated for cooking eggs. (I don't want something with a non-stick coating). I want the pan to behave like a non-stick pan without having the non-stick coating.

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  1. I say a deBuyer frying pan. In term of size, something between 10" to 12". DeBuyer frying pan has a pronounced slope edge, so a 10" pan has a probably 8" base.

    Yes, you will get a pan which provides near nonstick property without actually being a real nonstick pan.

    1. Size for the 3 egg if it's 2 or 3. deBuyers are great as long as they're seasoned well. For an egg-only pan, nonstick is the best choice and likely won't pose much risk since eggs are best when cooked at low to medium heat at most. If you can only have one pan, the DB is good, but I'd recommend you get a 12.5" because the flat bottom on a 10" is just barely big enough for 3 eggs. I wouldn't want to do a 3-egg with ingredients in it because it would get a little tight.

      I use my DBs and non-stick. If I need to make sure it comes out perfectly (over easy), I do nonstick on low heat.