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Mar 8, 2012 11:19 AM

COSTCO treasures [Moved from Ontario]

I stopped in at the Kingston COSCO a few weeks ago for our regular meat shop and happily I remembered an earlier CH discussion about marinara sauce. The White Linen sauce is indeed scrumptious- what a find- and I usually make my own from home grown San Marzano tomatoes!

What other COSCO delights do Chow folk use? The Ghirardelli brownie mix is my ' go to' source for brownies for the kids, and while it will never truly replicate my home made version, it's not half bad!
Other suggestions??

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  1. You mean costco right??

    I tried out the Mario Battali cherry tomato sauce and really liked it.

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    1. re: shakkar

      Yikes- of course I meant Costco -should clean my specs more often! I'll try that sauce on my next visit.

    2. My usual trip through Costco is a follows, Jarlsberg cheese, chicken breasts, milk, eggs (18 for about the price of 12), egg whites, and whatever vitamins I might need. Then a tour of the book section and that usually completes a visit every 3-4 weeks. Of course some things are required every 3-4th visit such as paper products, lean ground beef and steak. I tried the white linen sauce but didn't think it was so great and prefer Bravo with meat.

      1. I always have to get the Skotidakis Jalapeno Greek Yogurt Dip they have at Costco. This stuff tastes amazing with almost anything, but my fave to dip in it is Diva's Delightful Crisps, also found there. So so good

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        1. re: tygrr_lily

          In what part of the store is the Skotidakis yogurt usually found???

          1. re: Herne

            It's with all the other dips, hummus, etc. In the Wilson/Dufferin one, it's right near the walk in produce section

            1. re: tygrr_lily

              OK Thanks I take it that it is in a dairy case and not a freezer. Will look for it next time I'm there.

          2. re: tygrr_lily

            yes, yes, yes . . . love that stuff too!!

          3. Every Trip to Costco I usually pick up

            Pomegranate Seeds 2 in a package ~$7
            Arthur's Smoothies 2 in a package ~$7
            Liberte Greek Yogurt 2 in a package ~$7
            Kosher Chickens (2 in a package Yorkdale) or 3 Whole Chickens Other Stores ~$20
            Chewing Gum ~$13
            Garden Fresh Guac ~$5

            1. I'll restrict this to food items I buy there:

              Whole Wheat Spaghetti (6 boxes for about $6)
              Skotidakis Greek Yoghurt Jalapeno or Tzaziki Dip (Damn I wish they'd also carry their plain Greek yoghurt as it's the best I've ever tried)
              Liberte Greek Yoghurt
              1% Milk
              San Pellegrino 12x750ml bottles (but only when it's on sale for about $10.50)
              Kirkland Brand Dried Prunes
              Kirkland Brand Extra Virgin olive oil in the glass bottle
              TruRoots Organic Quinoa
              Truroots Organic Sprouted Bean Trio
              Delrose Exquisite blend white & brown basmati, wild and red rice mix
              La San Marzano Strained Tomatoes in glass jars (6 x 24 oz)

              I rarely buy any of the fresh vegetables or fruit unless they happen to have organic, but that's just me. Their prices are really good if you don't need organic.

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              1. re: Flexitarian

                Used to buy my ghardelli brownie mix in the US but no longer have to.
                Picked up a tip here to buy frozen mango chunks for smoothies or simply as dessert. Much cheaper than European's Best at supermarkets.

                1. re: Flexitarian

                  The San Marzano tomatoes in the glass jars are gone, I think. I was at the Costco on Warden this past weekend... it had been reported with different canned varieties but the jars are gone.. I didn't buy as a result.

                  I hope they come back.

                  Or Costco go tos are... the Balderson 5 yr cheddar; Liberte Greek Yoghurt, TruRoots Quinoa, Del Monte grapefruit cups, Liberte Greek Yogurt, the frozen mini chicken cilantro wontons, brocolini, french green beans, Stone Mill sprouted bread, kirkland ev olive oil, maille mustard, and the wild cod or wild haddock is a must for our household.

                  1. re: Apple

                    Just to add to the fun:

                    XL tobasco
                    Maple syrup 1L
                    Kirkland roast espresso whole coffee beans (the red bag)
                    Big hunk of parmigiana cheese
                    Omega eggs
                    Healthy granola bars that we then throw away b/c the kids end up hating
                    Falaffel balls and humus

                    1. re: Vern Ryerse

                      What brand falafel balls do you buy? Refrigerated or Frozen?
                      I have always wanted to try them, but can't seem how they can compare to homemade or dry mix packages.

                      1. re: Vern Ryerse

                        oh yeah forgot the big hunk of parmigiana cheese. It's about $30 but huge and I always have one going in the fridge. So useful for so many dishes.

                      2. re: Apple

                        I have never bought fish from costco, from what I have seen most of the fillets are skinned. I prefer usually most of my fish with the skin on. How is the freshness/value? Or do you buy frozen fillets?

                          1. re: flying101

                            I buy the fresh ones - the haddock and cod seem reasonably priced (IMO). I haven't had a quality issue. I know the side of salmon is actually competitively priced - but I have been trying to buy wild fish only.

                            I can't remember if the farmed trout has skin on - I seem to think so...

                            Also, my husband likes the falafels - they are the "fresh" ones near the fresh pasta.
                            And how could I forget the wedge of parm... we've been working through it for a LONG time... and the maple syrup.

                            1. re: flying101

                              I buy fish often and it's always very good and a great value. Some of the wild caught salmon has the skin on, also when they have the separate display for lobsters, king crab, they sometimes have whole red snapper etc. as well as the whole trout.

                              1. re: cstr

                                I've said this before but it bears repeating.I worked for a trucking company who also hauled foods for Costco,my company had what they called a country store,so when the stores they hauled for rejected the foods we would sell it to the public, this helped pay for the insurance claims,having said that you have no Idea how particular Costo is,in all the stuff they rejected, I have never found anything wrong with it,and that included the fish, and thay's why I travel twice a year now at 270 miles to the nearest Costco.

                            2. re: Apple

                              Whoa, I didn't know Del Monte made grapefruit cups!! I've only seen mandarin and peach, or fruit cocktail. I must get on that, thanks Apple.

                              1. re: Apple

                                Word to the Baldersons. And the huge chunks of Reggiano that properly wrapped, last forever in my fridge. Passato (cheap cheap cheap), too. And boxes of Ace Bakery Baguettes. OH, and goat cheese brie. My go-to place for Pork Tenderloin and ribs. Ah the ribs...summer is ON its way! :)

                                1. re: Apple

                                  Each new season/year when Kirkland brings out their Tuscany EV olive oil, I buy a whole year's supply. One year I got caught short.

                                  1. re: Rella

                                    I think that in San Diego, there was only about a one month gap between the 2010 running out and the 2011 showing up. And of course, I overestimated last year, so I still have two bottles of 2010 remaining.

                                    1. re: RB Hound

                                      Having a little left over calls for me frying a bit of yuca. Or using a little more over roasted vegetables.

                                      DH always calls it to my attention when I have overestimated.

                                2. re: Flexitarian

                                  I have NEVER seen such a wonderful product at our Costco, Winchester, VA, that I can recall. The closest I can come to strained tomatoes in a glass jar is Bionaturea an organic product, also in tomato paste, which I keep on hand, from Wegman's. I would buy a case of the jarred San Marzano if I saw it.