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Mar 8, 2012 11:18 AM

Denver Restaurant Suggestions for a Short Visit

My family and I will be in Denver at the end of March for a quick trip, 2 nights and one full day. Staying at the downtown Westin. Looking for good, well prepared food that's reasonably priced. One of our dinners can be more expensive, a birthday celebration.

We've found several promising diners for breakfast; Pete's Kitchen, 20th Street Cafe and Sam's 3. For dinners we're looking at Bistro Vendome or Le Grand Bistro; Marco's Coal Fired Pizza or Primi Ristorante; maybe the Denver Chop House or the Palm for steaks (since it's in our hotel).

Any thought or comments on these places? I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. For your dinners, I'd personally steer clear of the Chop House or Palm. Both are OK and serve a decent steak, but nothing you haven't had before - just your typical, overpriced steakhouses.

    Instead I'd head over to Larimer Square (walking distance from your hotel) and hit up Rioja, Osteria Marco, Bistro Vendome or TAG for a higher-end dinner. For a little less expensive but still great, Euclid Hall or Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza would be a hit too. Just my personal favorites.

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      Thanks monopod, I appreciate your input. Marco's Pizza and Bistro Vendome really stood out as I began looking at restaurants, so I'm glad these are some of your favorites. For breakfast Sam's 3 looks to be the closest between our hotel and where our appointment is, around 14th and Larimer. But if a great breakfast can be had nearby, we'd be open for it.

    2. b'fast: if you don't mind a wait, Snooze is really good.

      Fancy Dinner: Across from Marco's is Trillum, which is new, but absolutely delicious. I also love love love Rioja on Larimer.

      I agree with monopod about the chop house and palm, nothing you can't get in any steak house in any city.

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        Thanks c&c, Snooze looks interesting, their pancakes must be popular. What is a breakfast pot pie?

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          here's a segment on local news that also has the recipe for breakfast pot pie:

          I've never had it at Snooze, I'm really a benedict fan, and when I brave the crowd, I always get the classic ham benedict.

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            Thanks for the link. The breakfast pot pie looks delicious, just a bit heavy for me first thing in the morning. That was a interesting video though.

      2. I wouldn't bother with Snooze (for similar I'd go with Mona's). I wouldn't recommend Le Grand Bistro at all (for similar I would very highly recommend Z Cuisine).

        I also agree that Denver Chop house can be missed.

        I'm a big fan of Euclid Hall as well.

        1. Never tried Snooze in Denver but I love the one in my town.

          Mix & Match Creative Eggs Benedicts - one Bella!Bella! and one Tuscano (phenomenal!)

          I like the breakfast pot pie- the homemade rosemary sausage gravy isn't too heavy and the puff pastry is light and flaky (see photos below). Split one pancake to try (ask for flavor of the day).

          When staying over in Denver we have ended up at Sam's No 3 for a very decent diner breakfast at a reasonable price (also they are on so if you register your credit cards, a small percentage is earned for your designated charity or organization)

          Rioja, TAG, Euclid Hall and many other fine restaurants to choose from for a celebration. After much research I choose Rioja for an anniversary. I'm anxious to try Cholon, Root Down and many more. Can't wait to try the inventions at D Bar Desserts

          Check out this Denver Big List:

          Enjoy your visit! Happy Eating!