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Mar 8, 2012 11:06 AM

Paris, Easter Monday, late night food in the 11th

Dear Chowhounders,

We're arriving in Paris on the evening of Easter Monday at around 10:30pm. We're staying on Rue Moreau, in the 11th. between metros Bastille and Ledru Rollin. Do any of you know this area well? We were hoping to have a good bistro meal and wine somewhere nearby. But anywhere serving decent food late on an Easter Monday would be appreciated.

I considered A la biche au bois -- would this be the best choice?



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  1. Monday's a tricky as lots of places close, Easter Monday even worse as it is a holiday and many of those that do open will close, and 10:30 is very late and many places will be closeing or have taken last orders. Best advice is to eat on the way to Paris.

    1. I agree with PhilD.
      Monday is already be traditionally the weekday for restaurant closing. Plus Easter Monday. Plus your very late arrival (last service, if any resto is open, would be 10pm). Never mind "good bistro meal". Even finding a bad bistro, any bistro, is not likely. Are you flying in from somewhere? Wouldn't the plane be serving meals? Or are you driving? If so, you best bet is to dine on the way.

      1. Illustrating what PhilD and Parigi are telling you, I took this photo after a long day of trying to find much of anything open on Pacque lundi.

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          Rond point de la Bastille or near you will surely find a open bistro . Don't miss le Marché d'Aligre it is one of my preferred market.

          1. re: madamebatignolles

            The marché d'Aligre, which is fantastic, is not open on any Monday.

        2. Try and check Chez Denise in the first arrondisement, do not know if open on Easter Monday, but if so serve right through the night, generally open Mondays. l really do not like ALBA Bois, very, very heavy fare.

          1. There's a good chance that Chez Paul (r Charonne) will be open.