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Mar 8, 2012 10:49 AM

first morning in paris and no cafe au lait

staying at 170 rue marcadet - found great pain au chocolat but n big steaming bowl of cafe au lait - my world is about to crumble arund my ears - must be someplace within walking distance to score very large steaming bowl of the closest thing to mother's milk that there can be - at my age anyway - g0ining t la Grille tnight - trust new management hasn't made too many changes

many thanks for all the help

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  1. How can you not find café au lait? I mean: how do you manage to avoid it? What's wrong with the café at metro Lamark which must be about a block away from you?
    And 5 minutes away on rue Caulaincourt, there are charming cafés galore.

    1. head for the rue du Poteau market street ... from rue Marcadet, take rue Duhesme, right at rue Ordener, and then a left at rue du Poteau... real local life (not Montmartre cutesy), loads of cafes and shops... and just 5 mins away