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Mar 8, 2012 10:29 AM

POLL: Can you walk to an actual grocery store?

Just curious.

My definition of "grocery store" requires that they sell fresh meats, fruit/vegetables, and bread other than Wonder-type. No 7-11 type convenience stores. Walking distance? If you can walk there in 10-15 minutes, that qualifies.

I currently live walking distance from a full line, albeit very small, store. (Detroit MI suburb)

I know this is going to be different for region/country so please specify city/state and country if outside the US.

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  1. I can because I live in Center City Philadelphia. I'm about a seven-minute walk to a SuperFresh and a Whole Food.

    1. Allston, MA (part of Boston): less than five minutes' walk to a very large 24-hour Star Market that's probably the best single location of this oft-maligned (and not always unfairly) chain. Even closer, there's an Asian supermarket that has seen some tough times but has largely rebounded from its problems. (They also have a killer food court.) 15-minute walk to a decent but unexceptional Stop & Shop. 20-minute walk to a Trader Joe's, and (though I almost never go there) about the same to a decent Whole Foods. On the way to the TJs, there's a decent Jewish supermarket with kosher meats and the like, and there's both a full-service butcher and a fishmonger in that neighborhood as well.

      Plus walking distance to an outstanding farmers market every summer. So yeah, I'm kinda set.

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      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        Cambridge MA (Cambridgeport). 5 min walk to a Star Market 5 min walk to a Co-op 10 min walk to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods 15-20 min walk to a different Whole Foods 20-25 min walk to the Star Market & Asian Supermarket mentioned above. Plus some farmers markets, but I don't shop at them.

        1. re: viperlush

          My, how I envy you! Whole Foods & a TJs within walking distance. I'm looking at a 25 minute walk at a QFC if I hoof it. Good question to think about next time we look for a new home!

          1. re: GFHappyPlace

            I rarely shop at either. Usually drive 20 min to a fabulous market (Russo's) and to 10 min to a cheaper grocery store chain (Market Basket).

            1. re: viperlush

              To be fair, we make the 15-minute drive to Russo's most of the time as well.

              1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                Wish we lived that close to Russo's!

                Somerville, MA
                3 blocks from a Foodmaster
                5 minute bike ride to Shaw's
                5 minute bike ride to Whole Foods
                10 minute walk or 2 minute bike ride to Dave's Pasta (cured meats and small grocery)
                5 minute bike ride to Pemberton's

                A few others that I rarely go to:
                2 blocks to a convenience store/Indian market
                3-5 minute bike ride to a mom-and-pop Korean market or Capone's (Italian specialty store)

                With a car, too many to count.
                My regular markets are: Shaw's, Pemberton's, Whole Foods and Reliable.
                Oh, and Foodmaster because it's so convenient, but more for in a pinch because it's not the best for produce or bread.

          2. re: viperlush

            Cambridge MA - central square. Basically the same places that Viper mentions, just with slightly different numbers for proximity :)

          3. re: Jenny Ondioline

            We live very close to eachother. I'm about 5 minutes from that Trader Joes, 7 from Stop and Shop, 10 from both Star Market (small one) and Brighton Whole Foods. Russian Bazaar is a 1 minute walk, and of course, the beloved (though expensive) farmers market!

            I grew up in an area where the nearest small grocery store was a 20 minute drive away, so this is all very new for me!

            1. re: Cachetes

              Hi neighbors! I'm closest to Trader Joes (<5 min walk) and about 10 min to Stop and Shop, but I must admit that my weekly go-to is Russos.

          4. I can walk to over a dozen grocery stores/ethnic markets/specialty stores.

            I think my neighborhood has a 90% walkability rating? It's a big reason of why I live here--I really like not owning a car.

            (I'm in the Camberville section of the Boston area.)

            1. Hoboken, NJ. I can walk to about 5 grocery stores that I can think of off the top of my head.

              1. I live in a small city/large town in North Carolina. I used to live in an apartment complex with a shopping center about a five minute walk away. I could walk to a full service grocery store (bakery, deli, butcher, etc), small Chinese take out place, drug store, take Southern/Soul Food restaurant, and a couple of fast food places. It was pretty routine for me to get off the bus in the evenings and stop by the store before crossing the street to get home. I was also about a 20-30 minute walk from the farmers' market, and chose to walk on Saturday mornings when the weather was nice.

                I moved about 10 months ago, and now I can't safely walk to the store. It honestly would only take about 15 minutes to get there on foot, but there are no sidewalks for most of the route and the road is pretty narrow with no shoulder to speak of.