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Mar 8, 2012 10:22 AM

Kaya Toast in Calgary?

Does anyone know of a Singaporean restaurant or an Asian restaurant in Calgary that serves Kaya toast? I just saw it on TV and would love to try it, but I don't want to go through the effort until I know I like it first.

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  1. You can find jars of pre-made kaya at Asian grocery stores. Just spread it on toast like you would any jam.

    1. Mrs Scary and I have some friends over for F1 races and always make local food for the race location, sooooo, last year for the Singapore GP we made kaya toast. There was no middle ground, it was either love or loathe, with me firmly in the loathe camp.

      It's dead simple to make, but I have been told that T & T has carried it in the past. They also have had Pandan leaves if you want to make your own.

      1. If you are lucky, you may find kaya toast at Hong Kong style cafes.

        If you want the experience but don't want to put in the time to make the kaya (which is an egg custard, essentially, flavoured with screwpine/pandan leaves), try and find Yeo's brand kaya in a tin. Yeo's is a Singaporean brand. and their kaya is decent enough. I have also seen a brand called Glory in the stores too. Try Lambda, Tops 100 or even T &T or Lucky's.

        Pick up the softest, fluffiest loaf of white bread, maybe even texas toast. Pop it in the toaster, making sure the toast isn't too brown. Slather the kaya on the toast and enjoy. No one I know has a sunny side up egg laced with soya sauce with thier kaya toast. Typically, you just get plain toast to dip in your egg, not kaya toast.

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          FYI - I spent January in Singapore and Malaysia this year and had kaya toast at Killiney Kopitiam in Singapore and Toh Soon in Georgetown (Penang). The kaya toast is eaten with a perfectly soft boiled egg. Alas, Toh Soon now steams the bread rather than toasting it over charcoal, and there's nothing better than the textural contrast of toast, kaya, and soft boiled egg. Killiney uses an electric grill. The government is cracking down on charcoal fires in the cities :(

          Note to ElevenGirl, a must to accompany kaya toast is either kopi, teh or a combination of both. For bigger appetites, a nasi lemak rounds out the meal.

          Happy eating!

          1. re: camelicious

            Glory tastes better than other brands you mentioned. The best combination is hot toast with a thick spread of kaya, topped with thick slabs of cold butter.