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Mar 8, 2012 08:53 AM

Making Smoked Butt

I recently ate at Jennys in Chicago Ridge IL where I had the most awesome smoked butt ever. It was like silk and sliced into thin slices on a sandwich. I tried to replicate it, but failed to achieve that very smoothness. Mine kind of fell apart. Has anyone made a really great smoked butt? If so how did you do it.

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  1. Slices? Pork butt (shoulder)? Sounds more like brisket. Whether in the smoker or as pernil in the oven, my shoulder is always that lovely fall-aparty, shreddy succulence.

    1. If you want slices.. cook it to an internal temp of around 170*-175...Allow it to rest and cool somewhat.
      Just a guess....if yours fell apart.. you may have cooked it upwards of 195*... which would make it pullable...not very sliceable . HTH

      1. Funny to read this today. This morning I was shopping and thought about my mother making smoked butt 50 years ago...and wondering what it was. What is it, exactly?

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          The front shoulder of a hog....The top portion is called the butt...the lower portion a picnic. ~~ Often referred to as a "Boston" Butt, or the lower portion a Picnic "Ham" ... Not really a Ham (That's the hind leg) but can be cured/processed like a Ham. ~~ Cooking methods normally involve low temperatures for long periods of time. HTH

        2. I think Uncle Bob's comments are spot on. I would add that when smoking pork for pulling I probe for a butter like result that can happen anywhere between 185 and 205 depending on a number of factors. When I sliced a butt I went to 160 and while it was fine a little more time in the smoker wouldn't have hurt. I sliced it very thin with an electric knife and put a few sandwiches worth up per vacuseal bag. They made incredible reubens.

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              I see lots of people trying to make the perfect smoked boston butt roast. The secret is being able to maintain a long slow temperature for a long time without a lot of opening of the lid. If you have some minimum tool skills the answer is simple: Just go to and type in smoker in the search block. I just built this smoker, which requires no welding and it works wonderfully. I was able to maintain 225 degrees for 17 hours on one fill of charcoal. It smokes beautifully and is less expensive than a Weber. Should you decide to build one, visit a Harbor Freight and buy the brass valves there. They are 7.95 vs. 14.95 at Home Depot. I had the fire basket fabricated at a steel fabrication company for about $40.00. You will not be sorry that you built this if you are a lover of Boston Butt. Of course, you can use it for Beef Brisket, Ribs, ect. or any meat that benefits from long slow cooking.