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Mar 8, 2012 08:14 AM

Beer for a bad day

My boyfriend had a rough day at work today, and I wanted to pick up a 4- or 6-pack for him on the way home. Given his below preferences, any ideas?

He typically enjoys drinking lagers and ales. Some of his favorite beers are Julius Echter and Unibroue Fin du Monde, he also likes Boddingtons and Guinness and this past weekend he really enjoyed the Troegenator Double Bock.


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  1. Ayinger Celebrator dopplebock, that way he can forget his bad day and celebrate his thoughtful girlfriend.

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    1. re: chuckl

      wow, that looks great - i'll definitely have to see if i can find that for him. i ended up spotting the new Longtrail Pollenator and went with that. it was really warm in the boston area yesterday so i thought a new spring beer would be uplifting, and go with the weather.

      thanks for the recommendation!

      1. re: jamieeats

        you made the right call for a warm day. give celebrator a try some time, you won't be disappointed. cheers

    2. Rogue Double Chocolate stout.

      1. I don't know if he's into this kind of thing, but I had a beer float at a cafe that wasn't bad. It was a scoop of chocolate ice cream in some kind of dark stout (I forget which). They went pretty well together although I would have preferred to have the ice cream next to the beer rather than floating in it. But hey if you want a remedy for a bad day, beer and ice cream ain't too bad!

        As an afterthought, maybe the chocolate stout in the above comment would be an appropriate pairing...

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        1. re: ragtime_6

          but yeah, if we're just talking straight beer after a hard day, I love me a frosty pint of Stiegl, Hoegaarden, or Tetley's. Flying Monkey's Hoptical Illusion is great if you can get your hands on it.

        2. Way late to this discussion, but nothing like Unibroue's "Maudite" (aka "Damned") for a bad day.

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          1. re: bonefreakchef

            It's never too late when it comes to beer. And every one needs a beer after a bad day - or any day.
            I like the story behind the canoe on the label and your brew's name. Excellent beer too by the way...

            1. re: bonefreakchef

              never too late for this discussion, as i'm always looking for ones to surprise him with - good days or bad!

              we've both enjoyed the maudite, its the perfect beer for when you wish you had a fire but don't...

              1. re: jamieeats

                St. Bernardus Abt 12......very nice Quad with great flavor (and smooth) that also has 10%abv......tastes great and a little kick in the butt for those bad days!!

                1. re: kempshark

                  I don't buy much commercially made beer, but I'll have to agree with the St. Bernardus Abt 12 idea...and I don't even like Belgian beers all that much.

                  But the Abt 12 is a real gem. And worth it's higher price (certainly more worthy than much of the inflated price domestic stuff on the shelves these days).

                  1. re: The Professor

                    I got a bottle ready to go for tonight. 50-55 degree serving temp sound right?