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Mar 8, 2012 08:12 AM

upscale - unstuffy - for food/drink-fest

Hi all
I'm taking 5 work friends out to for dinner and drinking and I'm looking for a place probably within a 10-mile radius of the State Theater in Falls Church (220 North Washington Street). We can be a bit loud, so probably wouldn't be a good fit in a hushed gastronomic temple. I'm wiling to go a bit pricey, but not a tasting menu... also one of our party is a vegetarian (dairy products OK, but no fish). The rest of are up for any other cuisine. So... relaxed, tasty, excellent bar, and vegetarian friendly...
We're heading over to the State for a show afterwards-that's why I don't want to get too far away..
Thanks as always!

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  1. Hmm, there isn't a lot of find dining in that area. Pizzeria Orso is nice, but not really upscale, Argia's is also good, but more neighborhoody. Up route 7 takes you more toward Tysons, which has a lot of chains.

    What about Clarendon? I think Liberty Tavern might be able to fit the bill well. I am not sure about Lyon Hall on the vegetarian+dairy front. Screwtop Wine Bar might work too, but you would have to check out the menu. You could hop on 66 to Sycamore Street and it isn't far from the State Theater? Willow in Ballston could work too, or perhaps Rustico?

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      Oh-UPDATE!!! The State Theater add-on is off the table. So that opens things up quite a lot. Now I'm thinking DC? Several of our party will want to stay at a hotel afterward, but the eats and sleeps don't have to be linked.

      1. re: Missy

        If you are going to be in DC I would look into going to PS7, Ardeo, Mintwood Place, or Central. All have delicious menus (including vegetarian options) , a great drink selection, and should be fine for a group of not-so-quiet friends out for a night out. Have fun!