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Mar 8, 2012 08:10 AM

Corned beef in the South Bay?

St Patty's Day is coming up again this year and am wondering if corned beef sales will be a disaster like it was last year @ie. Ralph's Market? Point cuts were very short in supply at most markets and also were back ordered for weeks. Anyone notice any sales at any markets yet? Beef prices are still ridiculously high nowadays.

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  1. None of this weeks grocery ads had corned beef. I suspect next Tuesday's will though. And then it is a race to find them in stock. FYI, they freeze pretty nicely--I always buy a couple as it is great to have a corned beef dinner in June or later.

      1. Von's ad in today's Sunday LA Times, Corned Beef Brisket Point Cut or Brisket Flats $1.29 per found, Limit one per person no rain checks. 3 day Sale starts now till Tuesday 3/13/12.

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        1. re: wienermobile

          Went to Von's in Redondo Beach @10am and they had a bunch of point cuts for $1.27 a pound. Limit was one per person and all subsequent were at regular $1.99 per pound. Was not going to Ralph's again this year to deal with their badly managed shortages even though they offered no apparent sales this Sunday. Got my frozen stash for the rest of the year.

          1. re: Clinton

            Just picked up two point cuts at Von's Manhattan Beach and they had plenty as of 2 pm.

        2. Got the Ralph's ad, Point Cut Corned Beef $1.29 per pound. Limit 4. Sale starts March 14th -20th.

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            Noticed that in today's ads. Von's point cuts seemed to me a lot leaner without having that big clump of fatty meat at the end which Ralph's brand has. Am very satisfied with the Von's brand which I made last night. Staying away from Ralph's brand this year. They were not sympathetic last year resolving their shortages.

          2. Vons point cut looks weird. I bought two at Vons and will do the same at Ralphs. Given the cut, complaining about the fat seems to be missing the point,

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            1. re: Willly

              Fat is good but not in excess. The Von's point cut was much leaner than the Ralph's cut IMO. I made the Von's corned beef a few days ago in a pressure cooker but for me it was quite lean with little fat almost resembling the much costlier flat cut. In my personal opinion, the Ralph's point cut was much tastier but I ended up cutting most of the excess fat off which was a waste. Most of the concentrated fat was at the end with that additional clump of meat on top of the brisket.

              1. re: Clinton

                I just figure that at under $1.50 a pound, I can buy a second one to make up for any excess fat.

                1. re: Willly

                  I just picked up my Ralphs point cut. Meat, carrots , cabbage, a big onion and and some horseradish for $16!