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Mar 8, 2012 08:00 AM

Weekday breakfast near Disney or dr Phillips

I'll be celebrating a good friend's birthday with her and a couple other girls in a couple weeks. Our plan is to go to Disney (not sure which park yet) around noon but we want to get breakfast beforehand. I'm familiar with what's in the dr Phillips area (peach valley is my fav) but I haven't had breakfast near Disney since I was very young. Looking for a suggestion that is not actually in a park but could be in one of the surrounding hotels or anywhere east of Disney or west of dr Phillips. Price is not really important nor is type of food as long as its breakfast and is worthy of someone's 31st birthday first meal. Also it's going to be a Tuesday so no place that only serves brunch on the weekend. thanks!

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  1. I was going to say Peach Valley.

    Also there is Le Cafe De Paris. I wish they had a website. The breakfast there is basic , french, but it's wonderful and their Croque Madame is amazing.

    I found this -
    and a possible menu here. They open at 8am

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      I love le cafe- the almond croissant is amazing, Ive been meaning to try the croque Madame too! And the couple who own it are just about the sweetest people ever! However I was thinking of something more sit down/ waited on style- only cause its her bday! But thanks for reminding me about that place I'm now seriously craving pastry.

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        totally understand.

        I did forget that there is a Keke's Breakfast Cafe near the Millenia Mall.

    2. The breakfast at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian at Disney is really good. The "Samoan" is a pulled pork hash Benedict - totally delicious. And of course there is the legendary Tonga Toast. Here's my blog post with pics of both.

      Another amazing breakfast is the buffet at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Not inexpensive, but there are some really interesting choices along with the traditional. Have fun!