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Mar 8, 2012 06:52 AM

Paris Le Dome, Rotonde Montparnasse, etc?

Would "Le Dome" and "Cafe de la Rotonde Montparnasse" both be OK for oysters? Are they really at the same intersection, Boulevard de Montparnasse and Boulevard de Raspail? We have one member of the party with lots of food allergies, and one member who basically won't eat anything but beef (i'm exaggerating a little). So with reluctance, I am leaning away from Rino (uncontrollable ingredients) and Pleine Mer (really just seafood).

Any comments on how Le Comptoir des Mers might compare with the Montparnasse/Raspail duo, and how it might work for this party? Or other suggestions?

The sky is not the limit -- family of four with college tuition looming -- the restaurants I mentioned seem to be within our price range, but I'm not looking to spend more. Thanks.

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  1. Probably La Rotonde would best suit your needs; much more affordable and casual than Le Dome and with a large menu.

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      Good to know. Thanks. Any other recommendations along these lines, anything I've overlooked, would be helpful. No particular arrondisement -- we like to explore.

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        I'd be interested in how things went. FYI, I've left some comments about Le Dome (very negative) and suggested other spots for seafood such as Huiteries Regis for Oysters (just for oysters and a couple of other items on the very short menu.)