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Mar 8, 2012 06:44 AM

Sun Wah

Going for the first time with a group of four this Saturday. Need to order Peking Duck by Friday. I've never had the duck and really want to as I hear that it's great. The person I talked to at Sun Wah says the duck will feed all of us. Here's the problem, not everyone wants the duck. If we order it for only two of us, how much will be leftover? Does it reheat well?

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  1. I went with three people and we were able to finish the entire duck. For three it was a good sized meal, but we certainly did not gorge ourselves finishing it. If the two of you have hearty appetites there might not be too much in the way of leftovers, especially if the others in your party try a little bit. It was really tasty. Enjoy!

    1. It makes great leftovers - no reason to worry about that. We always over order at SunWah and then happily bring home the rest. Try one of the veg dishes with house made bacon and check the specials on the paper plates up front for ideas to have along with the duck.

      1. IMO you will have about 1/2 a duck left. However, I believe they will slice up the entire duck for you... so the actual amount of meat will not be 'over the top' too much. See if they are going to make soup with the bones. Your left overs should be ok for a day or tow in your frig. You can heat it up in the oven (don't over cook it) and put it over rice or on top of some chinese noodle soup. If you are into cooking, you could use the duck pieces in a Thai duck curry. ... enjoy

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          Exactly! 1/2 duck leftover. They carve it up tableside, take away the carcass and in a little bit you get duck soup and duck fried rice. At $37 I don't know if that is pricey or not but it is the most expensive item on the menu, by far. It was really good too!

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            Yeah that's kinda pricey. It was much less in Beijing! Hey if it was good then it's worth the try.
            Enjoy the leftovers.

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              Considering it is $37 per/duck, not per/person and that each duck serves three to four and is served in three courses to me it is inexpensive. That is $3 to $4 per/person per/course. They also let you BYOB for little to no corkage even though they have their own alcohol available.