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Mar 8, 2012 06:39 AM

restaurant in New Jersey very close to Wallington or Wood-Ridge? (or nearby )

I'm looking for a finer dining establishment to take my Mom to a nice lunch on a Saturday in a couple of weeks, very close to her neighborhood in Wallington. Chinese, American, or Italian food
would all be good choices. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. For Italian, I would recommend Sorrento Ristorante on Park Avenue in East Rutherford as the top place in the area. A second nod would go to Vesta.

    sorry to say, but you are not going to find many options for a Saturday Lunch.

    1. Depends on how fine...believe it or not, the Candlewick diner is more restaurant than diner and has some good choices (new chef who is doing a good job). Paisano's in Rutherford as well as Cafe Matisse (not sure if they have lunch). No good chinese that I know of....Tina Louise is Chinese I guess, and lot's of people like them. Park and Orchard is well liked to.