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Mar 8, 2012 06:37 AM

Best option for kid friendly greek on the Danforth

Hi all,

Looking to go out with 4 toddlers for dinner on the Danforth. Just wondering from anyones experience what a good recommendation is for a casual dinner. Doesn't have to be mind blowing food just somewhere with decent food and kid friendly.
My initial thought was Astoria. Any feedback / recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Friendly Greek would be fine for kids, and the food completely edible.

    1. Our extended family has taken the slew of sub-4 year-olds out to Pantheon several times for seafood, always had a good experience. Of course, we sit down no later than 6pm.

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        Pantheon is definitely good for children also, but busier than The Friendly Greek.. I mentioned TFG as it's probablyeasier to have a leisurely meal there.

        Kalyvia is another casual place.

      2. Astoria is fine with kids. They have a kids menu if the little ones won't eat the souvlaki. The kids may also like the spectacle of the saganaki opa. For the adults, all the grilled meats are good but the salad is anemic. The Greek yoghurt with quince is a nice dessert.


        1. Thanks all, appreciate it!
          Funny my friend with the three kids was saying how excited they are to see the saganaki opa, that's why they are coming over to my hood.

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            How old are these kids who want to see the saganaki opa? You mentioned they were toddlers, so I assumed around 2 years. And that's why I suggested TFG.

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              TFG serves saganaki to toddlers of all ages. Opa!

              Soula at Pan also loves kids.

              Pan on the Danforth
              516 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P6, CA

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                Nice to know about Pan... we got engaged there and have not been back for years. Maybe it's time to take the kids.
                But, do they have flaming cheese???

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                  Pan was the restaurant I took my (now) wife on our first date in June 1998. We were engaged 3 months later. They have flaming cheese, it's $10. I think they still toss plates on certain days also! http://www.panonthedanforth.com/

                  We went one night when the wait at Pizza Libretto was going to be over an hour. It was busy at Pan, but we got a table for four right away and had a great meal.

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                    If you haven't been in a real long time It's a very different restaurant now than it once was, it changed ownership around 99-2000 and it's much more traditional than it was, not bad, just different, Soula who runs the FoH (and I presume is one of the co-owners) is a real sweetheart.

                    Just don't sit next to the big candle thing (which the kids will also get a kick out of) if you don't want to get wax all over your shoes and clothes...

            2. We have 14 m, 19 m, 2.5 yr and 4 yr. It's obviously for the older kids. They are very experienced diner and have been taught how to behave in a restaurant. That being said we are going for a 5:00 dinner.... :-).
              Thanks again everyone for your input.