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Mar 8, 2012 05:57 AM

ALERT:** Riviera Restaurant Offers 70 Euro Menu

Hurry! Through the month of March, the legendary Michelin ** La Reserve de Beaulieu is offering a 3 course, no-choice, 70 euro menu, which includes a generous glass of champagne and amuse-bouches, followed by a little palate wakener, then first course, main, dessert (the "incomparable souffle de La Reserve") - acompanied by two glasses of wine (colour your choice) - finished by coffee and friandes. It must be the best deal in France at the moment.
The view over the bay of Beaulieu/St-Jean-Cap Ferrat is incomarable as well. When my husband and I went two days ago, the mis-en-bouche was an delicate froth of loup and herbs, the first was a quartered, but generous, slice of foie gras with three different sauces; the main was a 1/2 in thick cut of poached veal with a crisp crust of candied sweetbreads, accompanied by tagliatelle of celeriac,; follwed by the aforementioned souffle, coffee and mignardise. The sommelier was generous with the wine, and of course, you enjoy all the elegance and style of this historic establishment. A total experience.

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