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Mar 8, 2012 05:45 AM

Cafe Constant, L'Ami Jean, Dans Les Landes, Les Papilles, L'Absinthe, Le Trumilou.....O.K . for pre-teens?

Dear All,

Can anyone tell me which of the above mentioned restaurants would NOT be appropriate to bring a 12yr old and a 9 yr old along for LUNCH? My children may not fully appreciate the quality of the food but they will sit nicely throughout the meal and be well behaved. My husband and I want to be able to enjoy good French food during our trip but don't want to make a mistake by bringing our children to a place where they wouldn't be welcomed.

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  1. If they are well behaved,there is no issue anywhere. The French are thrilled when they see children in their restaurant. In fact Jego sometimes has his children in the kitchen at CLAJ.

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      Thank you very much! This is what we were hoping to hear ;)

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        Agree with DCM as usual.
        Most restaurants are child-friendly. But are your children restaurant-friendly? Considering that an average meal is 2 hours, are you taking your children's enjoyment into account fully?
        The meals at Dans Les Landes, being in tapas-format, can be a somewhat shorter meal. Last week we had a lightish lunch there and spent about 1.5 to 1.75 hours there. Chez L'Ami Jean usually takes longer.
        Once I had to take my friends' child out for a walk after each course, in order to delay her meltdown. She was bored and did not find the only food group that she would eat, and was very miserable. She was miserable and so were we.

        On the other hand, Lulumom's experience of going to restaurants with her little Lulu was excellent. You probably have searched her thread.
        Lastly, this webpage is very informative about going to restaurants in Paris with kids:

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          We have already forewarned them about the length of our mealtimes. They were told that in Paris this is what is expected of them. of course, we can do the "fast" food version of Paris for their sake but I think they would be missing out so much of the whole cultural aspect of the trip. We are hoping that after all the walking around in the morning with all the sight seeing they would readily welcome a rest by sitting through a 1.5 lunch...would it be considered rude for them to have a book if they are done with their food? By no means will we allow any electronic devices at a restaurant but we were considering possibly allowing them to read perhaps???? Please be frank and do let me know if this is a faux pas.....

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            "would it be considered rude for them to have a book if they are done with their food?"

            Not at all. In fact it establishes you as considerate, well-prepared parents. Yes bring books, coloring books, color pens. They are a welcome sight in a restaurant. :-)

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              If eating alone, l often bring a book, no worries for you.

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                We will also be bringing two pre-teens to Paris this summer, so this thread has been very much appreciated.

                My father has given both of the girls sketchbooks and colored pencils/markers and has asked them to sketch the things they see in Paris for him. We plan to use them wherever we land for lunches/dinners - and are hoping that they will also generate some great dinner conversation. I'm glad to hear that this plan won't be a faux pas!

                1. re: Bivalve88

                  You may want to have a trial at home: have the children sit through a 2-hour meal and give them the coloring books. You'll see if it works.

                  1. re: Parigi

                    Yes !
                    Like the rehearsal dinners for marriages, let's do rehearsal dinners for child behavior !
                    In fact people should do that before bringing kids to the cinema as well, have them seat through a film, with lights off and no talking for 2 hours.

                    1. re: Rio Yeti

                      If kids are taken to restaurants from an early age, the whole process feels natural to them. That said, a 2 hour meal in a very quiet and formal place might still be too much for them.

                      One of the local cinemas here in town has special kids shows during summer mornings. The lights aren't totally dimmed, and since the place is filled with other kids the whole experience is less scary and awkward for them than it might otherwise be the first few times. It is a nice way of getting kids used to the experience. Not all that fun for the parents, but ...