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Mar 8, 2012 05:32 AM

where to buy local beef - nashua area

the abc news segment on pink slime being in 70% of ground beef has done it for me. i'm totally grossed out. where do you buy your local beef in the nashua area?

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  1. Well you can start by purchasing your ground beef from a butcher shop, making sure they are grinding it in the shop so you can ask what's in it. Costco has ground their beef in store in the past, so ask there too. Of course, you can also grind your own at home. I'm a big can of buying local meat, but it's not always the most convenient, so I wanted to share other options.

    For locally raised, there are farms in Groton, MA (there's also the Blood Slaughterhouse there!); Milford has Trombly's; check the farm in Litchfield (I can't recall the name); both Lull Farm and Brookdale sell local meats. You'll find we are lucky here in NH, we've got lots of local meat options. When the farmers markets open you'll find even more new places out there!

    Good luck!

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      thanks! i'll probably start by just having the butcher grind up my meat fresh, but i'd like to start buying some locally as well.

      i just got some steaks from fulchino vineyard in hollis, but he only had two cows this year...more in the future.

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        a good alternative to ground beef is the ground bison found in local supermarkets. Not cheap, but a healthier choice. I've also found I like the flavor better, and it doesn't leave you with that heavy, greasy aftertaste of a regular beef burger.

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          For Buffalo, there's also Yankee Farmer out of Warner, NH :). I'm starting to wonder even about that ground bison meat in the can we be sure of what's in that package?

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        The farm in Litchfield is Normanton Farm ( He started taking pre-orders for beef about a month ago. I'm not sure what he has available outside of pre-ordering.

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          I can tell you that Sean Trombley from Milford brought a steer recently to Blood Farm in Groton because I'm getting half of it. If you're in the market for a quantity of beef, it's probably a good choice.

          There are a lot of local beef producers listed in the Monadnock Table flyer.

        2. I misread the title and thought it said local BEER... I was all set.... whoops!

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            we can help you with that...

          2. Miles-Smith Farm meat is sold in a variety of places but none very close to you. There's a list of retailers on their website.

            There are still a couple of winter markets scheduled for Milford. I see a couple of meat vendors on the list. Arthur Mountain has a good reputation.

            My DIL said she prefers to get ground beef at a small convenience store near us where they grind their own. You might have a local store you just haven't found yet although the beef is probably not local.

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              I think Bunny's grinds its own meat.

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                I definitely second Miles Smith Farm. You can go to A Market in Manchester (among other locations) and get their meat fresh (rather than frozen) or go directly to the farm in Loudon (not close). Lull also has meat, but its frozen.

                I'm a strong believer that everyone should get a meat grinder and grind their own meat. It is a lot easier than you think.

              2. Shaw Farm in Dracut has fantastic gr meat. Their own.

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                  As the Store Manager of a butcher shop here in NH it's nice to see people finally realizing that there is a difference between "fresh ground beef" and "ground beef"! Fresh ground beef will change color because there are no additives in store burger will stay pink a lot longer but thats not a good thing! The hard part about "local beef" is that there just isn't a commercial farm in the state that can keep up with demands. I tell people all the time, you don't have to buy your ground beef from me...but don't buy it from the grocery store chains