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Mar 8, 2012 05:21 AM

la part des anges

Hello, I'm going to Paris for 5 days in April. Thanks to this board, Hungry for Paris and plenty of blogs (yes, John Talbot of course) I will not bore you all with questions on where to eat. However, the Parisian that I'm renting from suggested la part des anges, and besides trip advisor I can't find much info on it. Does anyone have information? I have 4 dinners, 5 lunches and 5 breakfasts in Paris. I don't want to waste any! Thank you.

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  1. All I know of "la part des anges" is that it refers to the making of cognac! The by-product is left for the angels...If you had time (five days is short) a trip to Cognac would be fun!

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      I thought it was the liquid that evaporates when alcohol is in the barrel.

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        Vieille is right, as usual. And one still has to pay tax on the whole production.

        The Cognac area is beautiful indeed, albeit a little flat. (Not a metaphor. I mean the geographic topology.)
        My fave stopover there is the Château de Mesna b&b, which makes its own cognac and Pineau des Charente and serves wonderful meals. Neither the rooms nor the meals are expensive.

    2. There are many Anges in Paris so I hope you mean the one in Montmartre between Abbesses and Sacré Coeur. If so it's tiny, cramped, B+ food, and excellent value. If you are in the neighbourhood, great. If not, it's too typical to make it a destination.

      1. Thank you for the help, I had no idea I was being so vague. That will be off of my list. We're staying in the 9th, close to Montmarte so it would be nearby, but time's too short for B+.
        The Cognac info was interesting, next trip!

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          "staying in the 9th, close to Montmarte so it would be nearby, "
          Nice area for restos and food shopping: restaurant Pantruche, Bouclier de Bacchus (lunch only), Pétrelle. Traiteur (delicatessen) Les Papilles Gourmandes, Terra Corsa, bakery Landemaine, Delmontel. Plus 2 good poissonneries.

        2. Thank you Parigi. I'll report back on the food. We're going to Frenchie, L'ami Jean, Rino and Septime for dinner. Lunch is open and I'll fill in the gaps with markets and your recommendations.
          I'm there to eat and walk enough to be able to eat again.