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Mar 8, 2012 05:17 AM

Baking with Biscoff spread?

Finally found this addictive stuff and am pondering now what to do with it (other than apply spoon and eat). Can it sub for peanut or other nut butters for baking? Sort of an infinity loop: cookie butter recycled into new cookies. Or a satay. Or something.

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  1. I'm still in the eating with spoon/spreading on graham crackers stage

    but I think there's a thread on the Home Cooking board.

    1. OMG this stuff is SOOO good! I have to restrain myself from buying it as I just can't stay out of it!!

      1. Sandwiched between two homemade shortbread cookies. We made cinnamon shortbread and pistachio shortbread and then used the Biscoff spread as a creme filling btwn two cookies.

        I haven't tried it in a savory recipe yet.

        1. I'm pretty sure you can sub it for peanut butter. A lot of bloggers were/are using biscoff in a variety of recipes- try looking at picky palate or bakeat350, i know both of them were using it at some point.