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Mar 8, 2012 05:01 AM

Weekend Group Lunch in La Jolla/PB

San diego chowhounders....we are looking for a spot to hold a rehearsal lunch on Memorial Day Weekend. The rehearsal itself will be in La Jolla, so we are hoping to find somewhere either in downtown La Jolla, Birdrock, PB or possibly UTC (although I cannot think of anywhere I like up there). Given that it is a holiday weekend, I know that parking and reservations are going to be a hassle. We would like somewhere with chow worthy food, but not crazy expensive (maybe $20-25/person for food plus drinks or less) and with a private or semi-private area. Ethnic food is ok too, although some of our guests are not particularly adventurous. Any bright ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. How many in your party pooch?

    Parking + holiday weekend at the beach is going to be a nightmare..
    Cafe Athena in PB has good Greek food and it's reasonable with lots of parking..they have a couple of rooms off the main that would work.

    1. If your group likes fish you might try calling Bay Park Fish Co. and asking to reserve their back room. They are in your price range and have a good wine and beer selection. Their seafood is very good...if you search you see there are lots of Chowhound S.D. recommendations for the place. Note that parking can be a on-street parking in a mostly residential neighborhood.

      1. Try to reserve the whole patio at Piatti (you didn't write how many people you are expecting) - one of the better italian inspired restaurants in SD with reasonable prices and the patio is a great place for a rehearsal lunch

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          Thanks! The numbers aren't final but I am guessing 30-40. I like Piatti a lot but the parking down there is difficult even on a cold afternoon mid-week. Hmmm.

          1. re: pooch

            There is a big parking lot at the beach about 3-4 minutes walk where we normally never have problems to find a spot.

        2. We are getting married in April and having our rehearsal dinner for around 40 people at Voce del Mare, a relative newcomer to the Bird Rock neighborhood. The owner, Dan, has been extraordinarily easy to work with, and I'm sure he would accommodate your needs. We are regulars at the restaurant, and while it's not a destination restaurant, it's my go-to for solid, classic Italian fare in the neighborhood.