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Mar 8, 2012 04:24 AM

Easy and elegant fish recipe?

I'm trying to find an elegant yet easy fish/shellfish entree for a dinner party. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. baking (steaming really) in parchment paper is elegant and interesting. Can add anything to it that you like. Citrus, fennel, spinach, any vegetables really that will cook in the same time as the fish. Little white wine if you want. Really great for parties, more difficult to cook dry fish and overcook, and can put in whatever seasonal flavours you want, and works well with many types of fish.

    Can do individual packages or one or two larger ones

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      I agree 100% with TeRReT. I think individual packages are especially nice when presented on a plate with the parchment creatively torn open right before service.

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        Alton Brown has a recipe for Red Snapper en papillote (pah-pee-YOHT) - easy and delish.

      2. I love this one...Red Snapper, Veracruz Style. You can use any white fish and I usually skip the jalapenos.

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          Yes, the Veracruz style is good and I like that you can prepare the sauce base ahead of time, then all you need to do is bake the fish and serve. In addition to the ingredients the Epi recipe calls for I add a good amount of red and/or green bell pepper strips. Fish Veracruz is a family favorite around here. I have never put raisins in it, I'll have to try that.

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            you can also add currants instead - i tend to prefer them over raisins in savory dishes.

        2. This is my go to fish dinner for guests. Simple and delicious. just look at all the reviews. I have even made it with chicken. . Even if you do not use it for this occasion please try it at some point. On a similar note i am having a dinner party this weekend. I am serving seared Halibut over a warm lentil salad with a drizzle of hollendaise. I would have done the tuna dish but I have already served it to most of the group coming. Good luck!

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            ctfoodie - Wow - that epicurious recipe really looks delicious - i saved it to my recipe box. thanks for recommending it!

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              YEAH on that Pan Seared Tuna with Ginger Shiitake cream sauce...hooo-ee! That is a MAGICAL dish--restaraunt quality for little effort, though ingredients can be expensive. Absolutely stellar...good call ctfoodie!

          2. The easiest way to make a fish dish elegant for me is to think of plating (but I also like the parchment idea).

            I think a nicely pan seared thick piece of white flakey fish served over a shallow "pool" of asparagus puree is beautiful and elegant.

            My asparagus puree is basically a slightly (and only slightly - you don't want it thick) thicker version of an asparagus veloute (essentially asparagus sauted with a little shallot, then boiled with chicken stock until very soft, pureed in a blender until smooth - taste for salt - you can find many versions on the web for more details).

            I serve it in shallow bowls (coupe plates). I've also done this same thing with the asparagus veloute, a pile of very buttery rich mashed potatoes in the center, and seared scallops. Simple - elegant - tasty.

            1. I agree that the parchment paper makes a nice presentation and isn't often done. You could also do an old-fashioned shrimp newburg in puff pastry shells. Or shrimp in a veloute wrapped in crepes and topped with Hollandaise (kind of a shellfish Crepes a la Reine). Sounds more complicated than it is because many of the components can be done in advance.