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Mar 8, 2012 03:26 AM

Dim Sum in Milano

Hello all! I am hoping for some suggestions on good Dim Sum in Milan. Most of the Chinese restaurants I have tried here are (understandably) tailored to Italian tastes and wouldn't have anything like Lo Mai Gai, Cha Sui Bao or Congee... I know that Milan has a Chinatown around Via Paolo Sarpi, but don't know anything about the restaurants. I live a little south of the city and can either take the train or drive. I would most likely go on a Saturday or Sunday morning and it would just be me or maybe one other person (though I can eat quite a lot ha ha ha). I would hope that for 4-5 small plates it wouldn't cost more than 20-30€. Any help would be most welcome - thank you in advance!

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  1. Ta Hua on via fara is probably your best bet. I'm Chinese and will vouch for their cha siu bau, ha cheung, ha gaw, and lotus wrapped rice (sorry about the phonetic translations). Not sure you'll get away with 20-30 euro though... Maybe... Might be tight... Last time I had a pork bun, ha cheung, lotus rice and a coke and spent 25 euro.