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Mar 7, 2012 11:17 PM

Two SoMa lunches: JapaCurry Truck and The Sentinel [San Francisco]

Tried both of these places for the first time this week, and I think they'll be lunch places I return to.

At the Sentinel, I had the coppa sandwich, which also has pumpkin seed pesto, fresh mozzarella, and butter lettuce. Overall, a nice sandwich - I liked the slightly-sweet, soft roll, and the portion of coppa was very generous. If anything, a little too much coppa! One of my DCs had the smoked trout sandwich, which looked good. Will probably try this next time.

At JapaCurry, I tried the chicken katsu with the mild curry. The texture of the rice was spot on, cooked just right. That was actually my favorite part! The chicken katsu was good too though, as was the slightly spicy curry sauce (served in a separate tupperware, which I liked). Line was somewhat long, but moved quickly. I wish there was a little side of veggie with this meal to add some color and vitamins, but I liked it overall.

Looking forward to finding more good lunches in my new work neighborhood!

Dave MP

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  1. You should also check out The GoldenWest in Trinity Alley, Leary's other take-out place (not SOMA, but not that far a walk either). and there is that similar "problem" there - they tend to put too much of whatever meat the sandwich sports - results in a slightly inelegant sandwich. but usually really, really tasty. i can vouch for that trout sandwich - not heavy-handed at all.

    haven't tried JapaCurry yet. thanks for this review, because I've only had japanese curry ever at Muracci's (which i love). again, not SOMA, and maybe a little too far for your lunchtime ventures.

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      I was near Muracci's last week and *almost* ate there, and had been wanting Japanese curry ever since then. Glad to know it's good, will hopefully get to try it soon to see how the places compare!

      1. re: Dave MP

        Muracci's is good, and worth the walk up Kearney. There were a few places I really enjoyed while working downtown, and that was one of them.

    2. This might be too far a walk for you, but check out HRD near South Park. They have delicious korean inspired sandwiches and burritos.

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      1. re: hyperbowler

        Cool, that's actually not too far! Will definitely check this out and report back.

        1. re: Dave MP

          well, if you're on a korean kick....

          always a line out the door of this teensy little convenience closet-cum-korean-kitchen-joint

          yelp has pics:

      2. Anyone know the name of or anything about the Korean food truck that parks at 8th and Brannan across from The Concourse on Fridays. I was looking for parking and the line was long so didn't really pay attention. It seemed to be popular.

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        1. re: chocolatetartguy

          is it Kung Fu Tacos? they used to park next to the shuttered Jeanty at Jacks for a long time, but I haven't heard anything about them in months. they were good.