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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Anyone watched it at the TIFF yet?!
So excited!!! (:

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  1. saw a preview screening in LA.. Sugoi!

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      Sugoi bigtime! Checked a copy out from my local library…entertaining and informative.

    2. It runs March16th - 21st. Already got my tickets!!!

      Awesome pictures from his restaurant - http://r.tabelog.com/tokyo/A1301/A130...

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        Where is it playing in Toronto? I can't seem to find it online.

      2. Going to see this next weekend!

        1. Going to go see it as well. I hope this thread doesn't get moved, it is hard to find out about these food related events sometimes. I know another time a food related film info got moved into the Media thread..
          I saw the trailer at lightbox and it looks great.

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            I saw it on the weekend. I really enjoyed it. Only plays until Thursday I think at Lightbox.

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              One of the oddball things about the lightbox one needs to keep in mind is that for screenings that are not part of a "program" they only announce the weekly schedule a week in advance (basically the same as the cinema chains) so while the tiff.net site may only list screenings until Thursday that does not necessarily mean they won't continue to run it next week.

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                Oh! I didn't know that. I thought it was ending this week! Thanks for the FYI

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                  Thanks, even though I am a member I didn't realize this either because they actually pre-printed out a "winter schedule" that I have somewhere and I thought it listed all of the films daily in it.

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                    Right, those long term seasonal schedules are only for things that they consider to be part of a "program". It's one of the annoyance about TIFF that I've decided to find charming.

            2. thanks for the reminder, saw the trailer before something else a few weeks ago. going tomorrow.

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                I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Yoshikazu, his filial obligations of being the eldest son. So Asian.

                The interview w/ Mizutani san (former disciple and also 3 Michelin star holder) gave an insider but outsider perspective on the father/son dynamic. Great stuff....

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                  saw it tonight, absolutely fantastic. myself and everyone i was with walked out feeling just... happy. i really can't say enough about how much i enjoyed this. perfect mix of heartwarming/heartbreaking/informative/entertaining. man

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                    Anyone know if its playing this coming Saturday night (March 24)??

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                      On the TIFF site it says it's showing at 7:15 & 9:15 that night.


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                        Awesome always_eating, thanks for accommodating my laziness, I appreciate it :)

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                          TIFF website is listing screenings up to March 29.

                          1. re: canmark

                            Thanks canmark : ) Good to know.....

                2. I saw this last night. Very intersting look at sushi master Jiro Ono and his unceasing pursuit of excellence. His 10-seat restaurant seems ordinary, looking not much different than any sushi bar anywhere. Its humble basement location (you have to step outside for the washrooms) is unlike what one would expect from 3-star Michelin establishment.

                  The film also looks at the dedication of his two sons, sushi masters in their own right (particularly the elder son Yoshikazu, who works in the shadow of his father while the younger son commands his own restaurant). We glimpse the expert fish mongers of the Tsukiji Fish Market and hear Yoshikazu's warning about the declining supplies. And we also glimpse the Japanese culture that make this story true.

                  1. Just bought my tickets. Thanks for the heads up

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                      Thinking of seeing the 2pm showing tomorrow or Thurs.Is it best to pre purchase tickets or can I buy the at the box office?

                      1. re: petek

                        Box office should be fine, I was at the 2pm on Sunday and the theatre wasn't full.

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                            Yeah, a day time screening during the week shouldn't be a problem. The 5pm Sunday screening actually sold out or close to it (maybe a seat or 2). I was surprised considering how nice of a day it was.

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                              Watched it yesterday and really enjoyed it.

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                                Great movie! I laughed I cried I got so hungry watching it I had to run over to Swatow for some BBQ pork and noodle soup..... :-D

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                                  What an amazing film. I won't spoil anything from it except to ask if anyone else noticed that the name of the most junior apprentice who was responsible for all the most menial tasks was...wait for it...Takeshita. Simple things for simple minds :)

                      2. thinking of the weight on the elder son's shoulder makes me shudder. you have to be from the 'east' to really really get it.

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                        1. re: shekamoo

                          I worked for/with my old man in the restaurant biz for years..I get it and I'm not from the "east" unless you count Scarborough that is.... :D

                          1. re: petek

                            oh I'm sure you get it...I'm just not sure if you 'really really get it' ;)

                            1. re: shekamoo

                              I get what yer sayin'..My old man wasn't as calm as Jiro.

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                                Loved it! Thanks for the tip superawesomepossum. Really enjoyed it and serious craving for tuna.

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                                  From chowhound reports it doesn't seem that Jiro is that calm either. Bit of an ass, actually!

                          2. Saw it last night at TIFF. Great movie about the pursuit of excellence and the father/son dynamic.

                            1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asH4jh...

                              I see Anthony Bourdain at Restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro on youtube. What is chef Jiro brushing on each piece sushi before handing it over? Also I would be eating with chopstix. Anthony takes each sushi in his hands. One scene has Jiro grating wasabai so why is it not available for A Bourdaine to use? Also I see pickled ginger on Bourdain's plate and it is never eaten

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                                What Jiro is brushing on is soya sauce, so you don't have to dip them yourself. Actually, eating sushi with hands is a common practice in Japan (I didn't find out until recently). Jiro puts a little bit of wasabai paste between the rice and the fish, that's how it's supposed to be done. Last but not least, I believe pickled gingers are eaten between each piece of sushi so that your palate are clean for the next piece. I just watched this doc and loved it!

                                1. re: Yq214

                                  Thanks for filling me in! And GH1618 too. Amusing that for Jiro, Bourdaine is about the most dressed up I have ever seen him, suit and tie (lol)

                                2. re: zzDan

                                  It is correct to pick up nigiri sushi in one's fingers, but notice that Bourdain fails to flip it over. It should be flipped so the fish is on the bottom when eaten. I prefer to eat nigiri in two bites (never set it down between bites).

                                  It is also correct in traditional sushi to not serve extra wasabi. The correct amount is inside the sushi. The video explains this.

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                                    I've eaten with my hands, but never flipping fish side down. I will try it next time, thanks.

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                                      The point of turning the nigiri upside down is to dip the topping but not the rice into a provided dish of soy sauce, however since the chef in this case is brushing on the soy there's no point in turning it over (other than perhaps habit)

                                      1. re: bytepusher

                                        Flipping it puts the fish on the tongue. Anyway, most sushi places are not going to finish off every piece in this way.

                                        By the way, the technique, which I learned from someone visiting from Japan, is:

                                        Before picking up the piece of nigiri sushi, rotate your hand. If you are right-handed, you rotate to the left.

                                        Pick up the sushi with your thumb and second and third fingers. As you rotate it to the inverted position, bring the fourth finger underneath the fish so it doesn't fall apart.

                                      2. re: GH1618

                                        The fish doesn't have to be on the bottom when you eat it. If anything though, it should be eaten in one bite.

                                        But really who am I to tell someone how to eat their sushi.

                                        1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                                          Exactly! (to all your points) I find eating in one bite very practical, otherwise it could fall apart in my chopsticks.

                                          1. re: T Long

                                            Agree on the one bite. There is no other way, except with places that serve softball-sized futomaki rolls.

                                            1. re: T Long

                                              There's no rule on the required orientation of the nigiri before it enters your mouth, but many do prefer fish-side down because it allows you to appreciate the texture of the neta on your tongue better. However, this is better for lighter-seasoned nigiri since the taste of the sauce might be too overpowering for other kinds of sushi.

                                              There is also the way in which you eat the nigiri with the fish on the left, so that both fish and rice can be tasted at the same time. I like to do it this way. If you see the kanji for sushi, you can also see that the character for fish is written on the left ;)

                                              If the chef also notices you're using chopsticks, he'll make sure your rice won't fall apart when you pinch it

                                              1. re: varnex

                                                That sideways banking technique, now THAT's a technique I'd have to see.

                                            2. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                                              Remember, Notorious, not everyone knows as much as you about Japanese cuisine.

                                              I think the only point of the flip is in cases where you want to dip the fish into the soy. As someone else pointed out, you wouldn't dip the shari. You'd only end up with too much soy ruining the delicate flavours and likely have an explosion when the shari falls apart. It's grip-flip-dip-nip. For anyone feeling nervous about it, remember you're eating with your hands. Very child-like and liberating.

                                          2. re: zzDan

                                            I never eat with chop sticks. Always with my hands. Doesn't it seem more practical to eat sushi with your hands?

                                          3. Folks this one is now available on US netflix. I finally saw it today and am awestruck. More interesting is the supply chain process they have. Lots of a interesting ideas and the sheer dedication to his craft is mind boggling.

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                                              The DVD is worth buying as well. There's a wealth of information on it about the suppliers themselves. Individual features on the Rice Guy, Tuna Vendor, Shrimp Vendor, etc. where they go into their crafts at length.

                                            2. There is a free screening of Jiro Dreams of Sushi down at Harbourfront on Saturday night as part of the "Fortune Cookie Festival" happening this weekend. Always great programming/activities down there every weekend!


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                                                Jiro is totally worth seeing if you haven't already. Food porn in motion.

                                                1. re: ylsf

                                                  Thank you for the alert, it was wonderful! I just wonder how everyone manages to deal with the enormous sushi craving after watching the film!