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Mar 7, 2012 09:57 PM

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Anyone watched it at the TIFF yet?!
So excited!!! (:

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  1. saw a preview screening in LA.. Sugoi!

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    1. re: AAQjr

      Sugoi bigtime! Checked a copy out from my local library…entertaining and informative.

    2. It runs March16th - 21st. Already got my tickets!!!

      Awesome pictures from his restaurant -

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      1. re: justsayn

        Where is it playing in Toronto? I can't seem to find it online.

      2. Going to see this next weekend!

        1. Going to go see it as well. I hope this thread doesn't get moved, it is hard to find out about these food related events sometimes. I know another time a food related film info got moved into the Media thread..
          I saw the trailer at lightbox and it looks great.

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          1. re: ylsf

            I saw it on the weekend. I really enjoyed it. Only plays until Thursday I think at Lightbox.

            1. re: ylsf

              One of the oddball things about the lightbox one needs to keep in mind is that for screenings that are not part of a "program" they only announce the weekly schedule a week in advance (basically the same as the cinema chains) so while the site may only list screenings until Thursday that does not necessarily mean they won't continue to run it next week.

              1. re: bytepusher

                Oh! I didn't know that. I thought it was ending this week! Thanks for the FYI

                1. re: bytepusher

                  Thanks, even though I am a member I didn't realize this either because they actually pre-printed out a "winter schedule" that I have somewhere and I thought it listed all of the films daily in it.

                  1. re: ylsf

                    Right, those long term seasonal schedules are only for things that they consider to be part of a "program". It's one of the annoyance about TIFF that I've decided to find charming.

            2. thanks for the reminder, saw the trailer before something else a few weeks ago. going tomorrow.

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              1. re: disgusti

                I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Yoshikazu, his filial obligations of being the eldest son. So Asian.

                The interview w/ Mizutani san (former disciple and also 3 Michelin star holder) gave an insider but outsider perspective on the father/son dynamic. Great stuff....

                1. re: disgusti

                  saw it tonight, absolutely fantastic. myself and everyone i was with walked out feeling just... happy. i really can't say enough about how much i enjoyed this. perfect mix of heartwarming/heartbreaking/informative/entertaining. man

                  1. re: disgusti

                    Anyone know if its playing this coming Saturday night (March 24)??

                    1. re: magic

                      On the TIFF site it says it's showing at 7:15 & 9:15 that night.


                      1. re: always_eating

                        Awesome always_eating, thanks for accommodating my laziness, I appreciate it :)

                        1. re: magic

                          TIFF website is listing screenings up to March 29.

                          1. re: canmark

                            Thanks canmark : ) Good to know.....