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Mar 7, 2012 09:14 PM

Any good restaurants in Brossard or nearby?

Wonder what's your recommendations for good restaurants in Brossard or near-by St-Lambert, Greenfield Park?

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  1. I actually had a good Indian dinner at Le Tandoor recently. It was located at unassuming strip mall next door to an Afghan market which was worth looking into as well. Had the vegetarian kofta which was rich and buttery, in addition to puffed up garlic naan, well spiced samosas and a bit slightly too oily pakoras. Was a nice find in an otherwise uneventful Montreal suburb.

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    1. re: looosia

      Thanks. Never eaten at Le Tandoor, but I've actually eaten at Afghan market before.

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        Just to clarify, I mixed he Afghan market with another establishment in same strip mall(I double-checked recently).

    2. I really like the Bistro des bières belges for some classic moules-frites with their huge selection of belgian beers.

      On a side street just off taschereau close to the hopital charles-lemoyne

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        Just heard about them very recently. Their fries apparently also very good.

      2. Chez Julien in La Prairie is the best restaurant on the South Shore.

        1. Sushi Yasu is an authentic Japanese restaurant on Rome boul. if you are into that sort of thing. Great Shishamo, katsudon and they have daily specials.

          1. for sushi I suggest a little place, so small but so good, it's called Juni's. It's on Grande-Allée street in St-Hubert right in front of the Caisse populaire. Really worth it !
            About Bistro bières belges, it has changed a bit I find, the fries use to be better before...
            + 1 for the tandoor in Brossard.
            by the way, they opened a Dunn's on taschereau near the hopital.