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Mar 7, 2012 08:57 PM

How do you like your cheese fries?

After watching the most recent episode of Worst Cooks in America (season 3, episode 4), I have a burgeoning craving for cheese fries that I will probably give in to by this weekend. Not sure if I will make them myself or just buy them somewhere, but I do have a block of pepper jack that might go towards making some sort of cheese fries.

I'm not going to make chili just to put it on fries. I'm not adverse to buying pre-made chili. I'm not necessarily going to use chili.

Does anyone have any unusual cheese or toppings they use at home in case I decide to make them myself?

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  1. I love poutine (Quebec/Canadian cheese fries). Fries, melted cheese curds and brown gravy. I only indulge once or twice a year. Simple but fantastic when done right.

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      First thing that popped into my head. "Covered in gravy."

      Make yourself a nice, rich, chicken gravy and ladle over the curds. You can sub mozza if you can't get curds. I like to let the curds melt, other don't. I'll trade off soggy fries for the stringy, melted goodness.


    2. as a rare treat i like to make nachos using fries as a base instead of tortilla chips.

      but as for straight up cheese fries i like melted cheddar and old bay and dip into gravy if available...jersey diner love at its finest right there!

      the restaurant down my street does oven melted mozz, bacon, green onions and dip into ranch...heart attack waiting to happen of amazingness!

      and i prefer crispy, thinner fries as opposed to steak fries.

      1. Down here in SoCal there's a number of these 'char-broiler' hambuger places that serve heaping portions of fries under a mountain of pastrami, slathered in spicy chili, then covered in molten cheese, and served with a small bucket of ranch dressing. So bad, yet sooooooo good!.

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          Oh dear god that sounds awesome.


        2. A pile of fries with some good quality shredded sharp cheddar melted on top, smothered with a spicy green chile. To send it over the top would be an over easy fried egg.