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Mar 7, 2012 08:53 PM

Nice lunch in Versailles?

Going to Versailles on a Friday in April. Any suggestions for a nice lunch? Doesn't have to be expensive, just a good lunch with nice atmosphere.

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  1. Trianon Palace hotel which is located in the wooded area behind the Chateau and has a great outdoor eating area. The Gordon Ramsey restaurant is in the hotel but there's a separate restaurant (possibly managed by the same staff?) that's more reasonable.

    1. We were just at Versailles on Sunday. My strong advice is grab some charcuterie, a few apples and some great cheese at a market or appropriate stores in Paris, pick up a baguette that morning, and have a pinic to remember on the grounds. Oops, don't forget a bottle of Burgundy, or your other favourite wine.

      Note that when you visit the Chateau/palace (which is well worth doing) they will make you check a bag that contains, food, wine, corkscrews and knifves, but you can get it back as soon as you leave the building, before you explore the grounds.

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        A picnic on the grounds is the best meal in my opinion. We found a bench and just enjoyed the great scenery and chowed on our baguette and various cheeses.

      2. In September of 2011, we enjoyed Le Valmont, 20 rue au Pain, at the Place du Marche Notre Dame (where a nice open air market is held on Friday, which is when we were there).

        For those driving: Parking is available under the Square (hope your magnetic exit card works better than ours did, but the attendants were helpful in light of my poor French). It seems to fit your description, and we would happily return. -- Jake

        1. Great suggestions everyone! Now I just have to choose!! Thank you!

          1. I've had a lovely lunch in the gardens of Versailles hidden among the grande topiary..
            Also, the Trianon Palace is lovely with their Gordon Ramsay restaurant for lunch.