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Mar 7, 2012 08:01 PM

Maine - Roadside Pie/Bakery/Produce Stands?

On a trip to Maine in August 2005, we stopped at a wonderful little roadside pie/bakery honor-system stand on Hwy 32 on the Pemaquid Peninsula and bought some delicious treats.

We're returning to Maine in fall with my extended family, and we'd love to find more of these little gems on our daytrips, both for fun, on-the-go goodies, and desserts for dinners at our rental house.

Can anyone recommend any other notable roadside stands for pies, cookies, produce, jams, etc. (the smaller the stand, the better!) anywhere between Portland and Bar Harbor? (We'll likely be doing a good bit of driving during the week, so that entire stretch of coast is definitely in play.)

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  1. I bet you bought from the same place we did. We were camping in the area.

    We love to stop at the Brunswick farmers market which is held on Fridays. I've bought baked goods there, also other goodies to cook up. Google the list. Portland's market is considered to be one of the top 10 in the country.
    I went on a foodie tour of Portland's Old Port Area last year so I would definitely stop at the fish market (oysters are labeled with where in Maine they came from). What I didn't like about the tour was we didn't get a list of our stops so I can't remember the names. One small shop had a nice variety of cheeses. Maybe someone more familiar with Portland can identify the shops.

    We also like to stop at the Cellar Door Winery for the wine tasting and a few bottles. I like their original store in Lincolnville best.

    We like to get vanilla yogurt to top with local berries to have as dessert or snack.

    I found this description of the Bangor ME European Farmers market

    Not the roadside honor system but I sure wouldn't pass it up. Bangor's not too far out of the way.

    1. Glidden Point Oyster farm has a road side stand using the honor system. You can shuck 'em and eat 'em on the spot or take them home on ice.

      1. Amy Upham delivers her delicious pies to a few grocers in the midcoast/Camden/Rockport area. We usually get ours at the Thomaston Grocery on Route 1, and they will put one aside for you if you call ahead. The blueberry is terrific and the chocolate cream is great too. I'm not sure if she also has a roadside stand in Cushing.

        1. Dot's Bakery is also on ME-32, # 1233 in Round Pond, ME. Her blueberry pie is the best I have ever had. Call ahead early and she will bake it to order - (207) 529-2514.

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            +1for Dots , espescially after lunch at Muscungos Bay Lobster!

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              I need to put Muscungos Bay Lobster on my must do list this year!

          2. Dot's is definitely on the list, and thanks for the other recommendations, too!

            How common is the roadside honor-system stand in coastal Maine? I've seen it elsewhere, but it seemed to register off the charts in terms of quaintness when we happened upon the stand in my initial post. I'd be crushed to know that it was a rarity! :-)

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              I've seen it often for veg stands in front of a house, or flowers. Not often for baked goods. It may be more common away from the coast, perhaps?