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Mar 7, 2012 07:29 PM

Any great porchetta places in GTA

Will be in downtown and then heading up to Woodbridge area.
Looking for some great Italian porchetta. We used to frequent Porchetta and Co but have heard the ratio of bread to porchetta is not good any longer.

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  1. I believe the ratio is the same - in fact even after being open all this time, they still measure every gram of meat for every sandwich to make sure they don't give you a bit extra by mistake. What I think happens is that if you don't absolutely love the sandwich, you begin to notice how naked it is. If you love the sandwich you don't care. It is actually pretty rich and filling but I feel it is on the empty side too. When they cut back on the garlic and herbs, cut back on the olive oil on the bun, and then stopped slicing it fresh, I lost interest. Some people are raving about the porchetta sandwich at the St Lawrence Market which I have yet to try.

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      I loved the one at SLM. Very, very rich though. Perhaps splitting with someone is the way to go. It's also very messy so load up on the napkins before you dive in.


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        Might try vincenti for take home. The SLM location, I assume, is not open every day.

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          I am happy to report, the other day, the herbs came through for me more than ever. I think they weigh it out more for consistency than profits. If anyone is worried about there not being enough meat, ask for a little extra, (how hard is that?) it will still be a cheap sandwich.

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              Thanks for feedback. Personally I think it is pretty easy to see when the bottom portion of the bun is covered with meat or not. Make enough sandwiches and you know exactly what 4 ounces looks like. I believe it is 100% for profit reasons - IMO. They are already charging an absolute ton of money by the ounce so you would think for efficiencies, they could handle a little bit of give and take. Anyway, it's their choice. On that note, I have noticed some of the women at Prague weigh the meat for sandwiches while others don't.

              Now that I see PorCo offers 2ozs more for 2.95 ($23.60/lb !!!) it is easy to ask for extra meat. When they didn't offer that, I ordered double meat and it was just too much to eat. So maybe I will upsize to a 6oz sandwich for $9.40.

              PS: and they only take cash ; )

            1. Locomotive on Dundas West in the Junction. Beautifully tender, nice availability of toppings and options.

              1. Food Cabbie special today. Heading there shortly. May just have to try.


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                    Oh, ya, sure did. I can't believe I didn't post.

                    Anyway, it was excellent. It didn't have the big rosemary flavour like sausage kings has. So people who didn't like SK would like this. It's also not as rich. It's both good and bad that way. I find the SK version to be very rich. Almost too rich.
                    So all in all a terrific sandwich. I think I like the one at SK the best and this one second. I've only had porchetta a handful of times though.


                1. Went to Vicentina at 11:45am with only one or two people in line. By 12:15 there was a long line. We bought three pounds to take home. Place is impeccably clean (bathrooms too) and had great service. Man cutting porchetta packed it with care! Highly recommend. The only very slight disappointment was that some of the skin was tough, not crisy.
                  Great flavour though!

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                      $30 but there was loads there, not too much fat waste at all. Just enough to keep it moist.

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                        Waste? The fat's the best part. And yes, $10/lb, they just eyeball it, and if they go a little over, they'll usually just give you it for the ten bucks.
                        $23.60/lb at porchetta & co. It is to laugh.

                        1. re: Chester Eleganté

                          I can do the crispy fat, but soggy fat I have to keep in small amounts. It was a bargain. Friends are still talking about it. I bought a jar of white truffle cream and warm that with some EVOO and drizzle it - great stuff!