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Mar 7, 2012 06:28 PM

mapping out the Paris oysters

Would "Le Dome" and "Cafe de la Rotonde Montparnasse" both be OK for oysters? Are they really at the same intersection, Boulevard de Montparnasse and Boulevard de Raspail? We have one member of the party with lots of food allergies, and one member who basically won't eat anything but beef (i'm exaggerating a little). So with reluctance, I am leaning away from Rino (uncontrollable ingredients) and Pleine Mer (really just seafood).

Any comments on how Le Comptoir des Mers might compare with the Montparnasse/Raspail duo, and how it might work for this party? Or other suggestions?

The sky is not the limit -- family of four with college tuition looming -- the restaurants I mentioned seem to be within our price range, but I'm not looking to spend more. Thanks.

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  1. Can't really help your request and hope someone else can. But I thought the suggestion to cross reference made by "saticoy" was a good one, so here goes.

    In another thread, "Parnassien" posted:

    "Oysters. Hmmm, Parisens are very finicky about their oysters and so good ones are pretty ubiquitous. I wouldn't necessarily focus on any one place as THE destination. And don't get too fixed on Gillardeau. Good, yes... but some other Marennes-Oléron oysters are almost identical and more widely available. Gillardeau has certainly raised oyster cultivation standards and others have followed.

    Oysters are often standard brasserie fare. Even though I would be very careful in choosing most things at a brasserie I wouldn't hesitate to have a plate of oysters at any of them. But look before you buy. In the inner arrondissements, Le Grand Colbert (pretty sure they serve Gillardeau) on the rue Vivienne near the Palais Royal, Brasserie Flottes on the rue Cambon off the rue de Rivoli, Au Pied de Cochon in Les Halles, Bofinger off the place Bastille, Le Petit Zinc on the rue Saint Benoit off the blvd Saint-Germain, le Grand Cafe on the boulevard des Capucines near l'Opéra, etc etc. Further out, Wepler on the Place Clichy, Rech on the place des Ternes, La Rotonde and Le Dôme and La Coupole in Montparnasse, and many many more. And of course the oyster/ fruit de mer restos like the surprisingly good Bar à Huîtres chain (rue Saint Jacques in the 5th, boulevard Montparnasse/ blvd Raspail in the 14th, and boulevard Beaumarchais near the place Bastille), l'Ecaille Fontaine on the place Gaillon in the 2nd, Goumard near the Gare Saint-Lazare, Pleine Mer in the 9th, Huîtrerie Régis in the 6th, the Cabane à Huîtres in the 15th, and l'Ecaille du Bistro in the 12th. Budget-wise, la Pleine Mer and Cabane à Huîtres are the best value.

    And yes... Parigi is right. The Montmartre restaurant is La Mascotte on the rue des Abbesses near the rue Lepic. They now have a separate raw bar annex but you can get the oysters and/or fruit de mer in the front bar (occasionally, music including, gulp, a guy on the accordion and some toutoune pretending she is Juliette Greco) or the rear dining room as well."

    In "A New Oyster Restaurant, At Least New To Me", "Delucacheesemonger" recommends Huitres de Cancale on Rue Chabrol in the 10th near Poissonniere Metro.

    "Paris Oysters (Garnier vs. L'Ecailleur du bistrot) "

    Oysters 2010 Paris Help

    "Favorite Places for Oysters in Paris" (2010)

    If anyone's making a google map, please link up.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      "In "A New Oyster Restaurant, At Least New To Me", "Delucacheesemonger" recommends Huitres de Cancale on Rue Chabrol in the 10th near Poissonniere Metro."
      It is the same place as Pleine Mer, on rue Chabrol.

      1. re: Parigi

        Thanks for the correction. That's what I get for skimming too quickly in the middle of packing. I did arrive on time in Paris yesterday morning --- what glorious weather and more in store for today! No oysters yet, but will try to remedy that today.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          If you come by Spring boutique in early evening today, two hounds are celebrating their bdays there…

          1. re: Parigi

            Feliz cumpleaños! And thanks, you made me check where Spring boutique is located, and it's an easy walk from my apartment. You just may see me tonight. I'm supposed to make dinner, but I'm sure something delicious bought from a traiteur will do instead. Time?

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              After 6pm (and surely before 8pm when the boutique closes).

              1. re: Parigi

                Major envy, MW is one of 6 hounds on my favorite list.

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        Wish l could have come up with such a complete and lengthy list.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Hello hounds -

          Here is the link to the google map I made. I included Parnassien's list, Breizh (based on WillinTOs comments, and my newest solid destination on the itinerary!), and the PBM list, including runners up.

          I believe, since I set it to "public," that anyone can edit, and leave comments. And, of course, add any chow-worthy additions. Any intrepid hound that wants to try it out and let me know if I should adjust the settings.

          1. re: saticoy

            "saticoy", you totally and completely ROCK! I did edit to add a link to this thread.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              My pleasure, Melanie. The least I can do. Parigi told me to seek oysters, and now it has become a focus of my trip!

              1. re: saticoy

                We hit up Le Baron Rouge after shopping at Marche' Beauvau on Sunday. Here's a youtube of the sights and sounds,

              2. re: Melanie Wong

                What a fine collaboration, thanks for this. And we will think of some of you at Spring B tonight! -- Jake

                1. re: Jake Dear

                  I'm very glad! If you are one of the birthdayhounds, I hope it is a very happy celebration!

              3. re: saticoy


                Merci, Grazie, Gracias, Thank you.

                1. re: saticoy

                  saticoy, great job!!!

                  an addition: Cépage Montmartrois on the rue Caulaincourt. My sister (who lives in the Butte Montmartre) loves this place. Very much a neighbourhood hangout. But alas, oysters only in the "r" months so June you will miss it.

                  and nice of you to include a cinéma (Pathé Wepler)... I guess we'll just leave the shellfish at Brasserie Wepler on the place Clichy a secret entre nous, ok? :)

                  1. re: Parnassien

                    Thank you, Parnassien! So....Pathé Wepler is not a cutting edge cinema that includes oysters and sancerre at the snack stand? Quel dommage! I will correct the map, but will hope that "our" secret place doesn't get discovered ;-)

                    Now, if I could please beg of you and other hounds, for the sake of future hounds, to try and add to the map.....? I believe (hope!) that I have set the permissions to allow this. All you would have to do is pull up the map, insert your place in the search box, click on the correct result, and voila!

                    If I were to be there in an "r" month, I would have oyster crawls planned in Montmartre and Montparnasse. I wonder why Cépage Montmartrois stops serving, but others don't? The quality/texture of the available oysters? The cost? The safety seems to be established, at least from what I have read.

                    Edit - it seems that Pathé Wepler cinema and Wepler Brasserie occupy the same address - 14 Place de least as far as google is concerned. I will leave a note on the placemark on the map to tell hounds to seek the wine-colored awning on the corner..... as I most likely will be!

              4. We just left Paris. Had a great bunch of oysters at Breizh cafe, followed by OMG gallettes and crepes. And for something really unique and fantastic, drop in to Dan Les Landes where they are doing a fabulous oyster and duck breast tartar with a drizzle of truffle oil - or at least they were during a great meal on Saturdayy night. Paris by mouth ( I think?) has a list of their top 5 or 6 oyster spots and their other reco's were generally very good, so that would be a good starting point - but you must try that duck breast and oyster tartar!

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                1. re: WillinTO

                  This is wonderful information. I have a stomach bug today, so actually it all sounds horrible, but I hope to be back in Houndville very soon.