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Mar 7, 2012 05:20 PM

Minneapolis Ethnic Catering Rundown

This last week, I was tasked with handling catering for my church's multi-cultural potluck. I thought this would be a good opportunity to hit up some of the great ethnic catering we have in the city. I went with the following:

La Loma

For $2 a tamale, this was a great option. The quality doesn't suffer in translation between the restaurant and the catering service. They were on time, really professional (you can submit payment information online) and everything was nice and hot. My only complaint was that their estimate did not include tax and delivery charge ($20, which isn't a big deal by any means).

House of Izes Caribbean

This place operates out of the Kitchen in the Market. They don't officially open until the end of the month, so this was a trial run. We had jerk chicken, veggies and plantains. Their veggies are organic and the meat is hormone free. The chicken was very good. Great caramelization and the chicken stayed moist. The little kids were grabbing the plantains out of the tray with their hands, so I guess the word got around on that front.

Safari Express

Ordered a slew of their sambusas. They were delicious (and cheap) as always. I was disappointed in that they did not provide a receipt (which means I have to follow up since I need to expense this) and they didn't provide any of their sauce even though I specifically asked for it.

Asian Deli

Ordered spring rolls and papaya salad. Extremely professional and ludicrously cheap, as I expected from having dined there. They provided ample amounts of sauce. Ordered the papaya salad mild, and it was definitely a healthy medium, so be warned.

I was extremely happy with the product all the way around. To do an event single-handedly, they would each come in at around $6-8 a head (Asian Deli might even be cheaper than that). I would recommend any of them for folks looking for cheap and delicious catering.

Sorry if that read like an infomercial.

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  1. What a great idea for a church dinner! This is very helpful info, as I'm looking for inexpensive catering ideas in the near future. And now I'm hungry for tamales, sambusas, fried plantains, and papaya salad (in the same meal).

    1. thanks for the heads up on house of izes caribbean.

      i would add holy land and oft-overlooked marina's for middle eastern (emily's deli specifically for tabbouli)

      and, seeing this post makes me miss tam tam's. i was there once and a lady was picking up tons of foil pans of catering dishes for an event. smelled awesome.

      1. Kabobs in Bloomington - our department had a very small budget for a department picnic. I shopped around and chose Kabobs because I have eaten there many times and the price was very good.

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        1. re: galewskj

          I'm glad to hear a report on Kabobs catering. When I've eaten there, they've always done a brisk take-out catering business. I've always wondered if it was good!

          Thank you, kevin47, for your report on the other catering options.