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Mar 7, 2012 05:14 PM

Talenti Gelato -- crazy good supermarket gelato

Just wanted to take a second to swoon over Talenti's gelato. It's expensive, and at least in my area (northern NM), only available at Whole Foods, but the texture is just impossibly good, so smooth it tastes like it came fresh from a store that reprocesses its ice cream every night.

I will quibble that every flavor I've tried has been too sweet (wife disagrees vehemently, but needless to say I'm correct), and some flavors are better than others (sorbetti < gelati; salted caramel < pistachio and chocolate), but nonetheless, I'm truly impressed that an ice cream product this good can be bought prepackaged in a supermarket.

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  1. I'm a fan of Talenti gelato as well. They sell it at the Stop & Shop in about 10 flavors. I made a dear friend a birthday cake out of the chocolate and salted caramel flavors a few weeks ago. Perfection on a plate she said.

    1. I really love the salt caramel, but found most of the other flavors to be lacking, the pistachio in general.

      Also, and perhaps the turnaround isn't so high b/c of the price, I've had quite a few where the gelato was crystallized = old.

      Not worth the price for me anymore.

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      1. re: linguafood

        Have you tried the mint? That and salted caramel are my favorites, but I haven't had more than five or six.

      2. finlero, do you have a comparison or opinion of Talenti vs. Van Rixel? I like both but haven't done a head to head....

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        1. re: tenacity

          I do not, but I have a feeling somebody around here probably does...

          If Van Rixel is good, I'll poke around and find it -- is it also available at Whole Foods? Other stores?

        2. I tried the raspberry and thought it was horrible—completely devoid of raspberry flavor. It actually had a weird chemical taste that stayed with me the whole day. I was not inspired to try any of their other flavors.

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          1. re: Old Mumsy

            Here I am responding in August 2012 to a March 2012 post but it's because I just tasted Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and I decided to search CH to seek out opinions. All I can taste is chocolate and not especially good chocolate. If there's raspberry in there, I can't find it.

            The Blood Orange Sorbetto, on the other hand, has a nice tangy full fruit flavor.

            But, really, to me the best thing is the nice packaging - a plastic jar with a screwtop.

          2. Have recently tried these and love them! Not really of fan of sorbeto gut the gelato is fantastic. I like it so much better than regular ice cream. Favorite flavors are the mint (and I don't normally like mint,) toasted almond and Sicilian pistachio. Liked the salt caramel but it was a bit too rich for me.