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Mar 7, 2012 05:04 PM


Had dinner at Braise last night. Wanted to let you all know that it was REALLY good. I recommend it highly. The star of the show was the chicken on gnocchi with salsa verde. The best thing with chicken since the Social's Mac and Cheese. Crispy pig, potato tart and duck were also very good. Very cool vibe and nice, comfortable bar, too.

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  1. Thanks for the review, KoolWhip. We have not been there yet but it is on our to try soon list because I think the chef worked at Sanford for quite a while? My guess is that anyone Sandy hired and kept would most likely become a good chef.

    Does the name of the restaurant imply their preferred method of cooking and what one should expect (with exceptions of course)?

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      >> We have not been there yet

      Maybe you have, and you just forgot...? Here's why I say that:


      >> I think the chef worked at Sanford for quite a while?

      Yes, David Swanson was chef de cuisine at Sanford.

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        LOL! I admit to getting some of those 3rd Ward and Walker's Point restaurants confused once in a while but that's really bad. I know my memory is not what it once was but jeez.. I did not realize it was THAT bad. :-)

        Now where did I leave my car keys.

    2. Had an awesome dinner at Braise. Enjoyed the duck and trout entrees and the wild mushroom salad is crazy good. Can't wait for the next time we are in town and go back.

      1. Carol Deptolla wrote similar raves about Braise in yesterday's newspaper:

        The restaurant's website is at

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          Thanks for the link to the review. That is high praise from Deptolla. She rarely grants 3 1/2 stars. I should really try the place sometime. :-)

        2. Finally tried Braise last night. Loved the space and vibe. Overall enjoyable experience and I will go back...but it didn't blow me away. The small plates (sausage and a rabbit flatbread) we had were very flavorful. The rabbit was a tad dry on the flatbread, but it was still a tasty bite. I had a trout entree that was cooked properly, but was quite under seasoned. It was accompanied by a black bean cake that also had very little flavor. Not that I needed more as we had plenty of food, the amount of actual trout did seem quite skimpy for an entree of a more affordable fish. I know they change the menu all the time and I had read multiple accounts of the trout being a positive for other diners, so I must have just gotten an off night as far as the seasonal prep goes.

          However, the other dishes in our group seemed to be well received.

          I did really appreciate the unique and thoughtful choices on the dessert menu. We tried two and they were both very good.