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Mar 7, 2012 04:43 PM

Rome - need options for panini lunch on Sunday near Coloseum or Capitoline Museums

Hi - first time in Rome and trying to plan my meals so that I don't blow my budget.

Can anyone suggest one or two places that I can get paninis either near the Coloseum or the Capitoline Museums that would be open on a Sunday.

Thanks in advance!

Cindi V
New York

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  1. You can get panini at the Capitoline museum itself.

    1. The Capitoline Museums cafe (entrance from Palazzo dei Conservatori or piazza Caffarelli 4) serves panini, as barberinibee says. In Monti you could also head to La Bottega del Caffe in Piazza Madonna dei Monti. Antico Forno dei Serpenti on via dei Serpenti also serves panini which are decent (but avoid the pizza by the slice and just about everything else there). There is a calabrian alimentari also on via dei serpenti that makes cheap takeaway sandwich to order.


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        Just in case it isn't obvious, you can also access the museum cafe from inside the museum itself. It has an extremely pleasant large terrace with an outstanding view, which helps off-set the fact that the panini are nothing outstanding.

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          Thank you both for your replies! Any backup ideas in case that doesn't work out for some reason?

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            You will find you are surrounded by panini and other quick bite options around the Colosseo and the entire area of the Capitoline museums. Katieparla has no doubt identified the few worth walking a few steps out of one's way to eat, but if you are starving and exhausted, grab what you can and hope for the best. If you haven't eaten by 2pm, the options get harder and harder, so try to grab something in the window of 12-2:30.

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              Ok - thank you so much for your reply. Have a great day/night!