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Mar 7, 2012 04:31 PM

Portugal, Prague, Vienna & Budapest on a budget

I'm heading to Portugal (only 1 overnight), Prague, Vienna & Budapest for approx. 2 weeks in May. Looking for great dives for local food on a budget. I'm traveling alone for most of the trip, but a friend may be joining me so looking for simple but a "must eats." Any "restaurants" or foods that I must not miss in these cities?


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  1. For Portugal: You might want to look at the Spain/Portugal board (or even post to it with some details of where you will be staying (assume it is a stop-over in Lisbon?).

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      ah, good idea...I assumed this was just for all of Europe. Thanks!


    2. In Prague there is of course Lokal with its two branches. But there is also a new restaurant called Nota Bene with good selection of beers from small breweries and cheap decent Czech food.

      1. It sounds as if you may be on your trip already. Please try to post a trip report as we will be going to Budapest,Vienna, and Prague on a budget in July and will be very interested in any of your recommendations. Thanks!

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          I leave on Tuesday I hope to post more when I come back!

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            In Vienna try Phonixhof, on Neustiftgasse. Good, honest Viennese food in a relaxed, local pub with a friendly staff. I love that place.

            In Prague, Lokal, for sure. Also, see if you can squeeze yourself into U Zlateho Tygra for beer and grub. It's a very Czech place where locals argue politics for hours and hours, but it can be tough to find a seat. If you manage to strike up a conversation with someone like we did you can have a great time.

            Also, street food will be your friend, for sure Wenceslas Sq has late-night kolbasa stands and Vienna has wurstlstands, also open late. Have fun!