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Attention MSPD - Torta Alert. I repeat, a Torta Alert for Taqeuria Los Paisanos


I was wondering if you have had a chance to try a place called Taqueria Los Paisanos? It is located on the Northeast Corner of Arcade and 7th street in St. Paul. I have a few friends that are officers of the law and they recommended that I give this place a shot. It looks like a dump from the outside, but it's a big hit inside.

I had the Torta Carne Asda and my wife went with the Torta Milanesa. Both were huge on flavor. They have sauces that you can add at the table and we both went with the green chile which just added to the punch. Generous amounts of meat, fresh toppings, just a great authentic presentations of the sandwich which was easily as good as Los Ocampos just down the road. My wife's only critical comment was she thought the beans tasted a little flat. Since I can't eat those anyway, didn't mean a thing to me.

I have to say, this was the best torta I've had since Olmeca was firing on all cylinders a few years back. Just wanted to give you a heads up as I know you someone who enjoys a good Torta from time to time. Let me know if you go or if any others reading this have been.

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  1. Had a lengua torta there awhile ago, quite good.

    1. Thanks Db. I haven't tried it, but since you were kind enough to think of me, I'll get over there in the next week or two and I promise a report.

      I've been hitting Andale in Richfield for my torta fix -- the Cubana torta is massive and is my reigning favorite in MSP. Very similar in quality to Olmeca. (p.s. the new location of Olmeca has opened....I haven't checked it out yet).

      I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks again.

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        Where is the new Olmeca? I really enjoyed the old one, but only got to try it once.

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          I understand it is in the strip mall behind Champps along County 42. I actually haven't driven by there yet, so I can't 100% confirm it's there and open.

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            Alright...complete opposite side of the burbs from me (as before), but I'll have to make a visit after my next run to Blue Max.

            Let us know for sure when you find out.

      2. Sounds like it's time to revive my long-hibernating Torta Quest (I'm searching for a torta as good as the long-ago tortas cubanas from that place at 26th & Nicollet, before they tanked then closed). I work in downtown St. Paul, so a lunch excursion to 7th & Arcade isn't out of the question. Thanks for this great tip!

        1. Not only the BEST tortas, cabeza, lengua,pastor,carnita,carne asada etc. in the Twin Cities but the nicest owner as well, Oscar. Their "specials" on the board are always really good. Caldos, quesadillas pollo de tinga Great!

          1. Had the Cubana torta for lunch today - have had other lunches here in the past - always very good, today was no exception. Nice, friendly folks that run this place - I recommend it.

            1. I'm glad to see the positive reviews from those who have already been and look forward to the reports of MSPD and AnneinMpls once they get a chance to try it. The torta quest has been a long standing mission of this board so wanted to make sure everyone knew of another possible find. Glad to hear others enjoy this place as well.

              1. Taqueria Los Paisanos? went there Sat. food is good.

                Big issue I went to wash my hands in the Lady's room NO soap OR hand towels.


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                  If I went to a restaurant and found they had no soap or towels in the ladies room, I would let the management know. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Can't be everywhere all the time. Do the lady-like thing.

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                      Sorry it happened. Sounds like it would have been a good experience had you not had to use the restroom. It unfortunately happens, hope you let management know. I once saw a guy, at another restaurant, start wiping down tables. Issue was that he was using a mop. Yep, same mop he'd just used to clean the dining and bathroom floors with. Needless to say, I've never been back.

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                        Ok, if you're going to tell stories like that, you HAVE to name the place... or at least give a good hint. "Rhymes with..."

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                          I don't name Restarant as I thought the offender may be slightly mentally challenged. Don't know for sure though. I'll only say it was a national sandwich chain with only one location in the Twin Cities. If you can figure it out from there, then you'll know.

                2. if you are willing to make a trip down to Rochester, there was taco truck that operates in the summer and fall that serves tortas that are simple, but rival good tortas in Mexico.
                  you might want to call ahead for hours and location

                  1. Thx for the tip - tried a torta Cubans at Los paisanos las week and yum!