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Mar 7, 2012 01:51 PM

am I missing something or should I switch it up? 4 days over St. Patty's day weekend

Were driving in for St. Packtricks Day weekend arriving on Thursday by lunch, I'm thinking Verti Marte right away then a little later Mr. B's for shrimp, early evening Carosel Bar before Green Goddess.

Friday - Gallitore's Friday lunch (or should we hit it later about 2?) and possibly Dante's kitchen for a late dinner?

Saturday - Dominica for pizza lunch - Cochon for dinner or shuld I switch it around Patio's?

Sunday - Commander's Brunch (have res for 1:30) requested garden room?

am I getting a good mix?

Thanks for any help! I tend to overthink things this is my rough draft!


Most nights we'll head to Frenchmen Street. Any music musts?

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  1. You ask "am I getting a good mix?" I personally think the answer to that question is "no." You've picked out fine places that are absolutely CH approved but there's little excitement and nothing new here. At the risk of drawing ire from folks for whom this is a perfect dining itinerary, I'd suggest trying something you haven't heard a whole lot about. Eat, Iris, Root, Ignatius, Maurepas ... foodwise there's a lot going on around here beyond CP, Gal's, and the Besh chain. Just a though.

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      Thank you, I will look into those! I'm pretty excited to come back to New Orleans, I wish I could stay longer. I have 4 days and can't fit it all in. I know we will stick with Commanders Brunch. Green Goddess and Mr. B's as well. The others we are open to something more low key good value I just want good food and great enviornment. I've only been to NO one other time and never got out of the french quarter. Hoping to see a little more this time.

    2. There's a St. Patrick's Day parade in the Irish Channel and Lower Garden District, on Magazine Street on Saturday. You could go for a drink/snack/dinner at Coquette after dodging heads of cabbage coming from the floats! Sunday is Super Sunday, which means the Mardi Gras Indians will be parading. It's an amazing New Orleans experience away from the FQ.

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        thank you for the info those sound fantastic!!

      2. I would go to Clancy's for dinner and skip Dante's. I would go to Emeril's for dinner and skip Cochon. Enjoy your visit.

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            There are some of us, although a minority, that for various reasons feel Cochon is not for our A list. Some of the reasons have been food, perceived value, and service. For me it is perceived value.

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              I don't think there is anything wrong with it if someone can't get to Acadiana and/or hasn't had the stuff before. But I know a guy in Baton Rouge who is from Pennsylvania and he has done a lot of wandering around in Cajun Country to say nothing of, at home, having some good German/Slavic stuff that can be similar & he is wholly unimpressed. It seems kinda gimmicky to me. I'm interested to see how the one in Lafayette does.

        1. Glenn David Andrews plays at Three Muses at 10pm most Fridays. But it you're wandering Frenchmen, you'll find something awesome.